Jennifer Eymere vs. Lynn Tesoro and America

Former Fashion Editor/Current Defendant Jennifer Eymere
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With reports that Jalouse Editor, Jennifer Eymere is being sued for $1 million dollars for slapping PR exec Lynn Tesoro at the recent Zac Posen show, I suggest that Eymere hire herself out.  Not that I advocate violence in any form.  But the unnecessary snippy, Mean-Girl nastiness of some fashion publicists has made many of us, on occasion, want to slap them too!  For example, everyone at KCD Worldwide needs a slap!  Since her career as a Fashion Editor is almost certainly done, perhaps folks should hire Eymere as their resident bitch slapper.  Her first TGATP assignment would’ve been to deliver bitch slaps to the evil gatekeepers at the Victoria Secret Lounge, who were awful to a host of legitimate journalists, especially women of color.  One African-American woman reported that after finally getting in and waiting for what seemed like hours for a make-up touch up, she was told that they didn’t have a shade for her!  Come on people, it’s 2012!  Surely, every serious makeup company should be able to color match, even the darkest, women of color by now!   This blatant racism has no place in the current global marketplace.  It is a crying shame that a company that was just last December exposed to be using child slave labor in Africa to pick the cotton for its garments (read about VS and child slaves), would be so outwardly racist to journalists of color just months later.  Jennifer, please bitch slap this lot!

The handling of the special screening of “The Master” also called for a widespread distribution of Eymere slaps!  Despite being confirmed, dozens of people including Robert DeNiro‘s wonderful wife, Grace Hightower and yours truly, were left without tickets on the night.  We were then invited to a makeup screening on Thursday at 10am.  Having only gotten three hours sleep, I blearily arrived at the theater only to find an e-mail from 9:15, just 45 minutes before the screening, stating that the Thursday screening was cancelled and would now be Friday at 10am!   Time is money people!  Jennifer where were you when Grace and I needed your stealth hand on this one?

But all joking aside, what the hell was Eymere thinking?  As I stated previously I can name a few PR people, who actually DO deserve a slap, but I have never experienced any snottiness from the HL Group.  So this must have been some crazy on Eymere’s part.  While I doubt Tesoro will get the $1 million, assault is a criminal offense and Eymere’s current career is likely finished.  Who will want to take the chance of having her at their shows or events lest they risk getting hit?  In addition, if she is not an American citizen, she could be denied entry into the country for this crime.  So while she may think her little “Don’t f**k with the French” statement was funny, wait till she tries to “f**k with” the American courts and the TSA!”  Too bad she didn’t read my post about violence at events before she wigged out. ( Guess the French can be ghetto too!



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