The Makeup Show Hits NYC for Another Smashing Year!

The Makeup Show hosted its annual seminar for beauty bloggers featuring all of Founder James Vincent‘s favorite products.  Every year the list keeps getting longer in an event that has become as anticipated by beauty editors/bloggers as the legendary Oprah Favorite Things Christmas shows!  Running for two days at the Metropolitan Pavilion, the Makeup Show featured tons of seminars and demos, as well as, dozens of beauty brands exhibiting their latest products.  Each year, it’s a vital opportunity for makeup/beauty professionals and beauty editors/bloggers to catch up on the latest and network.

This year’s event featured appearances by Troy Jensen, Johnny Lavoy, Frances Hathaway, Kristofer Buckle, Matin, Jed Root, Sutan Amrull, and more.  In addition, there were classes from Makeup Show Artists Orlando Santiago, Danessa Myricks, Jon Hennessey and Esterique Aidan.  And for the first time ever, there was a Makeup Show Career Fair offering 400 makeup/beauty professionals to present their talents to the HR departments at the brands.

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