Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Passport to Summer

TGATP spent Thursday evening with the wonderful members of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens at their annual Passport to Summer event.  Exactly one year ago, I was on my way to this party when I learned that Michael Jackson had died.  In tribute, the DJ spun Jackson hits almost all night and since, we were all still in shock, it was a welcome tribute.  This year, it was deja vu when the DJ played a ton of his songs again to commemorate the anniversary.  Fortunately, he quickly snapped out of that mode, as we were all joking about not wanting every year’s event to turn into a Jackson spin-a-thon!

There is always tons of dancing throughout the evening to help us burn off the smorgasbord of delicious food, which included a Haagen Dazs sundae bar for dessert!  This year is the centennial year of the gardens, so there will be tons of wonderful events to attend.  In particular, I highly recommend the Garden Cocktail Nights as a perfect date option.

For special event dates, check out their site at:


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