TGATP’s Take On 1/12/10

First, the state of the nation.  Yes, I want health care but it’s all about JOBS!  If the Obama administration is serious about job creation,  they need to place a tax and/or tariff on all these greedy companies that are taking American jobs to other countries.  From my new shower curtain to my trash bags to my Swiffer Jet to many of my clothes, just about every product in my house seems to be made in flippin’ China!  Jobs will only come home if business people feel that it is less expensive to produce goods in the US than in countries, like China.   If Obama and his cabinet don’t smarten up real soon and recognize that everything is hinging on the jobs coming back, the Democrats will lose Congress and then we will be stuck with two years of the Republicans having the power to more than just verbally overrule everything Obama tries to say or do.

The people upstairs at NBC need a kick in the ass, or an outright ouster, for the ill-conceived idea to move Jay Leno off “The Tonight Show” to 10pm.  Nobody is ready for a nighttime talk  show till after their local news!  We are just too programmed from birth!  It’s primetime then news then Leno, or the like!  Everyone in the industry, and even people not in TV, knew this was not going to work!  Conan O’Brien never should’ve been offered the Tonight Show to begin with!  Especially since Jay was number one in the ratings when he was replaced.  The NBC execs should have just paid Conan off and recognized their mistake in offering the spot to him in the first place.  But then, this is the same network that over the past two years cancelled most of their best shows before they could build an audience, most notably, “Lipstick Jungle”, “The Black Donnelly’s” and “Southland”. There is some hope, however, as the 2010-11 NBC lineup has some interesting shows, including the re-make of “The Rockford Files”.  Let’s just hope they give the shows a chance to grow before yanking them!  A final note:  It’s time that these networks recognize that ratings are never going to be the same for TV again.  It is not the ‘50s were the only form of entertainment was one family TV set.  Nowadays, most households have tons of multimedia options from game consoles to cable to computer viewing to on-demand.  In order to draw to viewers, all shows should appear across multiple platforms.

No Paula this season, no Simon next; stick a fork in American Idol, it’s cooked!  Once a fan, this show jumped the shark for me, in Season 5, when Chris Daughtry was sent home and Taylor Hicks won over Katherine McPhee.  Not to mention, the year that the extraordinary talents Jennifer Hudson and LaToya London went home before tons of far less talented contestants, who could barely sing!  Plus it became apparent to all that, with the exception of Carrie Underwood, the losers have, for the most part had more prosperous careers than the winners!  For example, look at where Chris Daughtry is now compared to the aforementioned Hicks.

Very happy to see that the State of California is finally filing charges against that quack Conrad Murray, who will live in infamy as the man who murdered Michael Jackson. (I can’t even put the “Dr.” before this idiot’s name!) Hopefully, we will start to see more responsible medical practices on the part of celebrity doctors as far too many bright stars from Dinah Washington to Elvis to Heath Ledger to Anna Nicole Smith to Michael Jackson have all died from too many ‘scripts from stupid doctors.  I recently had to have a minor surgery and they informed me they would be using Propofol, the same drug that killed Michael.  I was knocked out totally within a second of the anesthesia hitting the IV and woozy for a bit upon awakening.  I cannot even imagine what this incompetent fool could’ve been imagining to give this to Michael EVERY night, in LARGE doses, AT HOME!  These sort of so-called “doctors” who will give anything to celebrities on demand are not doctors, they are drug pushers.  And in cases, like that of Anna Nicole, the supposed friends, loves, and family members around them that allow this sort of craziness should also be prosecuted.

The Charlie Sheen horror story over the holidays was pre-destined!  Generally, once a heel always a heel!  I mean, he had to be a pretty crazy mean guy for Denise Richards, his last wife and abuse victim, to leave him in the middle of a pregnancy!  If he doesn’t get help soon, he’s headed for OJ Simpson land!

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