Adidas Fanatic VIII Soccer Tournament

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Hot sweaty Euro guys and Brother Jimmy’s BBQ (Lucky me!  Twice in a week!) was definitely enough to lure TGATP to the Adidas Fanatic VIII, an annual soccer tournament at the Chelsea Piers this past Saturday.  It was a wonderful family affair, sponsored in conjunction with Heineken, Volvic, and Unicef.

I was lucky enough to arrive just in time to get the last remnants of the BBQ as folks were piling their plates ridiculously high!  I missed my fav, the pulled pork, as some guests served themselves and walked away with enough of it for a small army!  The catering head said that every year gets more hectic.  So next year they are going to have to serve the food rather than let people help themselves, which is probably the best idea.

The tournament always runs from noon to 9pm with twenty-four unisex teams competing.  The crowd was kept on their feet both to cheer for their teams and to get down on it to the sounds of DJ Neil Armstrong.


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