Brother Jimmy’s 20th Anniversary Party

Moonlighting Bartender Lance Bass
Moonlighting Bartender Lance Bass

Brother Jimmy’s is quite simply the best BBQ in NYC!  Period.  There was absolutely NO WAY that I was going to miss their 20th Anniversary which offered an open bar (always a party plus) and food from their delectable menu.  Since I was coming late from the Guess Store Opening in Soho, it was already a mad raucous crowd and pretty hard to get the food.  But the two mini pulled pork sandwiches one smothered with cole slaw and the other topped with crispy onion rings were well worth the tray dive!  In addition, the margaritas were incredible!  My boy, DJ Cassidy was in the house on one of his rare nights just chilling.  In addition, Lance Bass jumped behind the bar and played bartender for a spell.  If you love BBQ, definitely, definitely, definitely make it a point to check out one of the multiple locations of Brother Jimmy’s!   And make sure to order a fish bowl to wash all your grub down!

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DJ Cassidy Chillin'
DJ Cassidy Chillin'



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