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In the quest for optimum health, there is nothing more important than a good night’s sleep. Improper sleep habits lead to a myriad of health issues including diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain, and decreased immunity, which can lead to cancer. On March 11th, we celebrated National Nap Day to stress the importance of a midday nap to increase productivity. I am now so convinced that naps are important that I intend to try to take a daily one and have my staff also take one as often as possible.

I just learned from Dr. Rubin Naiman , at a recent Sleep Studio event, that preparing for a good night’s sleep starts the minute you wake up in the morning! Stress, bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and working right up till you go to bed are just some of the things we do that can disrupt restful sleep.

So here are some of my favorite products to help you properly prepare before and after you get into bed.

1. Hästens’ Beds (see above) – These custom, handmade beds are created from only the finest, all-natural, sustainable materials like horsehair, flax, Swedish pine, premium cotton, and wool—exquisitely layered by master craftsmen for the most comfortable, breathable, supportive sleep surface. From European elite to Hollywood royalty, Hästens beds are the perfect choice for a superlative night’s rest. On the top of my wish list is a Vividus, which is custom made per each buyer’s needs. Please visit Hastens.com to locate your nearest boutique.


2. Intelligent Nutrients Destress Express Spray – Regular TGATP readers know how much I adore anything Intelligent Nutrients! I spray this wonderful relaxing organic fragrance on my wrists, in the room, and on the sheets and pillow cases to relax.  Made with a therapeutic blend of peppermint, spearmint, ravintsara, cardamom, cinnamon, chamomile, lime, vanilla and red raspberry I can’t live without this!



3. Sleep Studio Sleep Mask – I love this satin sleep mask, which covers your eyes and your ears, completely blocking out both sound and light.




4. L’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath – Infused with Lavender Oil from Haute Provence, this luxurious bath gel takes all of the day’s tightness out of your body and limbers you up.




5. Spoonk Acuupressure Mat– I have written about this awesome product before and I truly believe that everyone serious about relaxation and well being should have one!


Relax and Sleep


6. Relax and Sleep from Mizu for Android Smartphones – This awesome app features 35+ ambient sounds to send you off to a dreamland in minutes.




7. Andrew Johnson Sleep App for iPhone – This is a wonderful app of guided meditations and breathing exercises to help you get a blissful night’s sleep.







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