5 Best Spiritual Gifts For Holiday 2017

In these very trying times in the nation and the world, we need everything we can acquire to help up maintain our spiritual foundations. These gifts are my favorites for the more spiritual people on your list:

Aveda Gratitude Set |$32

Expressing gratitude is the most important spiritual practice you can have. Because it recognizes God’s blessings and grace on your Life. I find that when I do not feel and express gratitude it is easy to sink into depression and despair. So now I keep a gratitude journal. This gratitude set from Aveda is designed to help you pass our gratitude on. The gratitude journal offers a quiet way to reflect on the people who care about you, places that amaze you and experiences that make you happy. The 12 gratitude notecards are your way to share it with others. The set is made with the same Certified Wildlife Friendly® and Forest Stewardship Council certified Lokta bark paper that wraps Aveda’s gifts—and helps empower 4,900 papermakers* to support their families and educate their children.


Muse Brain Wave Sensing Headset |$189 at Amazon

I included this on my Best Gifts for Her post and I am re-listing it because it is so awesome. The Muse is a life-changing tool since it allows you to track the quality of meditation. This is truly one of my favorite possessions and I feel that everyone should have one. The accompanying app allows you to see how you are progressing over time. A must have for everyone.



Marianne Williamson Livestream Videos On-Demand |
$34.95 per month or $349 per year

Marianne Williamson has literally been saving my Life and we are so blessed that she is now living in NYC and lectures live from Marble Collegiate Church in New York City every Tuesday evening. On January 1, 2015, she began offering these live lectures free to the world via livestream.

Now, the full video archives of all of these lectures are available for continuous viewing with a monthly subscription. Each lecture is approximately two hours long.

With the subscription, you gain instant, on-demand access to the full video replays these lectures that you can watch again and again. Every week the latest lectures are added to the library for constantly updated material.

Monthly  – BUY IT NOW

Yearly – BUY IT NOW


Daily Om Courses |$9.99 to $29.99

The Daily Om is one of my favorite sites. Packed with handy courses that help us uplift and as Oprah says, “live our best lives”, there are wonderful gifts, like the lovely box set of guided meditations from Madisyn Taylor or the choice of 40 courses.



Hay House Radio All-Access Pass|$29.00

Hay House is the key publisher of spiritual works and it is such a blessing to have both their online radio and a handy app for my smartphones to help us stay focused on the positive and able to learn from the best spiritual minds in the world. The All-Access pass allows listeners exclusive access to 11 Years of HayHouseRadio.com Show Archives – Over 13,000 Hours! – access to the HayHouseRadio.com Live Stream, exclusive access to the Loyal Listener Line and free monthly audio content (Valued at $14.95/Month).



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