X-Men First Class ROCKS!


The first big blockbuster of the summer, X-Men: First Class positively rocks!  From start to finish, it’s an unrelenting, action-packed, special effects filled, wonderful roller coaster ride of a movie.  Charting the beginnings of what will become the epic X-Men, we learn how Charles Xavier (TGATP crush James McAvoy), Eric Lensherr/Magneto (hottie Michael Fassbender, who is reportedly hooking up with his co-star Zoe Kravitz), Beast (Nicholas Hoult ), Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), and other prominent mutants, all came into being.  The film takes place before mutants have revealed themselves.  It is also set before the great war between the mutants and non-mutants mentioned in the previous X-Men films.  As not to ruin the movie for you by revealing too much plot, I will simply recommend that you see it.  The unique mutant abilities lend themselves to amazing special effects and watch out for some fun cameos that I won’t reveal, as they are both a surprise and a delight.

The one slip-up in casting was Kevin Bacon as the villainous Nazi doctor, Sebastian Shaw.  I found him too over the top.  At times pimping across the screen, he was cartoonish when the role called for a more quietly sinister presence.  It was also disturbing to see, both of the mutants of color, be portrayed as stereotypes. Zoe Kravitz‘s Angel is, first a stripper/prostitute, then a cowardly traitor.  Darwin (Armando Munoz ), the only Black male character, is just movie meat!  In 2011, can’t we get past those longstanding movie clichés?

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