Glossy and Plump Lips with Tela Organic and Intelligent Nutrients

A good lip balm is a TGATP beauty must!  But most of my favorite brands contain harmful things like parabens, artificial flavors, and ingredients I can’t even pronounce that are ingested with each application.  Thus, I have been investigating more natural alternatives.  Try these two organic balms from Tela Organics and Intelligent Nutrients that deliver luscious, juicy lips with ingredients that are healthy enough to eat.



Tela Plumping Lip Balm

TGATP‘s very favorite lip balm this 100% USDA-certified organic lip balm creates plump, full and lush lips with one application.  Cinnamon warms and tingles the lips to naturally plump their appearance while serving as a moisture binder and skin strengthener.  Ku shen and milk thistle calm and protect skin irritations.  Antioxidants Chinese foxglove, reishi mushroom, and wolfberry help protect lips by neutralizing free-radical pollutants that break down skins’ strength.  Lips feel hydrated, smooth and silky-soft—never greasy.  Lips appear plump and smell and taste delicious.  I use this morning, noon, and night!



Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Lip Delivery Nutrition

With the seductive and irresistible allure of not being coated in petroleum, this invigorating, nutrition-packed balm feeds lips with the patented super-emollient antioxidant, Intellimmune Seed Oil Complex.  And with a combo of coconut, sunflower, castor seed and palm kernel oils and waxes this balm is good enough to eat.  Supple not cakey, smooth not sticky, TGATP lives for this balm.

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