#TheMoms Kung Fu Panda 3 Screening With Kate Hudson And Lucy Lui


On Tuesday, January 26th, The Moms hosted a wonderful breakfast screening of “Kung Fu Panda 3” at the Regal Cinema Union Square. Sponsored by Lynx Fitness and Chevy Tri-State, guests were treated to a demo with the awesome new, sure to be a craze Lynx mat before the screening. Led by The Moms Melissa Musen Gerstein, (missed you Denise!) – TGATP favorites and stars of the film, Kate Hudson and Lucy Lui  participated in a fun Q&A. Uncharacteristically flustered, I flubbed my question about Lucy reprising her role as my favorite female screen badass, O-Ren Ishii should my dude Quentin reignite the “Kill Bill” series. Lucy, if you are reading this, I know O-Ren was killed but Quentin always does lots of flashbacks. And how cool would it be to have a prequel telling solely her story! Of Kung Fu Panda 3, Lucy stated, “I love how this movie talks about family, what family is, what’s created, and what you make of family. I love that because I know I work with some amazing people that are not blood related to me but I consider family.”

I have adored bubbly Kate Hudson since she portrayed “Band-Aid” Penny Lane in “Almost Famous”, which was basically my Life story as a rock chick in the ’90s. She loved the name of this site and razzed me about it a bit. Totally flawless in a pink suit, meeting Kate you want to be her instant BFF and one can never imagine her having a bad day or being mean. She absolutely glows positivity! LOVE her.


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