Kristen Chenoweth Calls Matthew Broderick Hot At The Moms Breast Cancer Survivors Luncheon

The Effervescent Kristin Chenoweth

On Monday, TGATP had the great honor of being seated with Kristin Chenoweth, as the Moms (Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein) celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a “Toast To Survivors” at Alison Eighteen in NYC.  During lunch we heard riveting speeches from extraordinary breast cancer survivors, Dee Dee Ricks, Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, and Debbi Musen.  Then the 90lb,  4’11 Tony  and Emmy Award winning actress (wearing Nanette Lapore and Christian Louboutins) was thrilled to accept a check from event sponsor, MARTINI for $10,000 on behalf of her charity, Maddie’s Corner, half of which was allocated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Right Action For Women.  Kristin shared how she took time off to care for her sick mother as she battled breast cancer several years ago.  Thankfully, her mother recovered and her mom’s words of wisdom helped Kristin through her recent accident on the set of the Good Wife when portions of the set fell on top of her!

After a delectable lunch featuring light fare from Alison Eighteen, MARTINI Sparkling Rose, and Baked by Melissa cupcakes, guests were treated to a Q&A with Kristin in which she dished about tons of fun topics with the audience.  The floral designs were by Stone Kelly.

Kristen Chats About “The Good Wife Accident”

“I had a mom who said you need to enjoy life, it’s so short. I keep getting these reminders – I had a set fall on my head!”  After getting a concussion, broken nose, neck injury, cracked teeth etc, she said: “The injury taught me something – I go at 200 miles per hour and I know a lot of women in here do that – whether you’re a mom, you have a job, you have a husband (god forbid that’s a whole other thing! (the crowd burst into laughter)….but we all have a lot we do and to go from 200 to zero I didn’t do very well with that….I needed to listen, I’m a god person so I had to hear what you can’t hear.  I’m still struggling but easing back into life.   My mom,  who was a breast cancer survivor, inspired me to think differently. When I cried ‘why me?’ my mom inspired me to instead ask ‘why not me?’”  Kristen then encouraged the crowd to find the positive in every situation – to be strong, and confident, and face the world.

Kristin On Being A Petite Woman

“Less is more.  When I put on more, I look like I’ve been in my mom’s closet!  She’s 5’8 – I’m 4/11.  And I can’t do high waisted ’cause it makes me look pregnant!” 

 Kristin On Performing In High School and Her First and Last Record Purchase

TGATP asked Kristin whether she had been in the glee club or in high school musicals and she shared with the crowd her start on performing in high school.  “I did do the musical back in high school – finally as a senior i got to play the lead in “Lil Abner” – because no one else auditioned!  I also did cheerleading, which was another form of performing.”  I also asked Kristin, my favorite question for every musical performer, “What was the first record you bought and the last?”  Kristin stated,  “The first record I ever bought was “People” by Barbra Streisand and the last was Barbra’s recently released CD just a few days ago.”

Kristin’s Surprising Response to Her Hottest Male Co-Star

TGATP’s final question for Kristin was “Who was the hottest guy you ever played opposite.” and I have to say I was surprised by her answer.  She mused, “I’ve worked with so many handsome men, it’s hard to pick!  But I am partial to Matthew Broderick because he loves his family so much.  And Matthew is very quiet but if you listen carefully every once in awhile, he’ll say something that is really, really funny.  He loves his wife he loves his kids and he’s funny so that makes him very attractive.

Kristin On Not Being An Overnight Broadway Sensation

When asked how long it took her to get to the Broadway stage, she stated “People think I immediately came (to NYC) and made it.  It wasn’t like that.  It was about 5 years where I did “The Fantasticks”, Good Speed, and Paper Mill.  When I would audition for Les Mis they’d be, like, you’re different.  And I realized that that would work in my favor because there was original stuff being written that would need someone like me.  My first play was actually not a musical; it was “Scapin” by Moliere.

Kristin On Shoes

Kristin shared “I don’t have any addictions, children, or a husband.  But I have shoes.  Lots and lots of Christian Louboutin shoes.  Those are my babies!”

Kristin’s 5-Point Advice to Young Girls Who Want To Follow In Her Footsteps

1. Work Hard And Play Hard.
2. Don’t Take It Too Serious, you’ll have a lifetime of seriousness.
3. If you have a bad day, own it.
4. You should go for it but only if you can’t see yourself doing anything else and being happy.
5.  Do what makes you happy. We are here once — that we know of!

Cancer Awareness and the race for a cure are issues dear to TGATP’s heart.  In 2013, working with some really great women and organizations, we will be launching an online magazine and social network specifically for cancer patients and the friends and family, who love them.  Look for more news on this exciting endeavor shortly!

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