Jerry O’Connell Hosts The #JCPTailgate For JC Penney

In anticipation of the Super Bowl, JC Penney held a Big Game Bash hosted by “Billions” star Jerry O’Connell. Featuring exclusive recipe demos and entertaining ideas from Chef Josh Capon that will delight the guests at your at-home Super Bowl parties, it was a wonderful time and the first great event of the year. Jerry, who mingled freely with all of the quests, is my new favorite guy. The proud father and cat owner showed us his family pics and played sous chef during the cooking demo.


While showcasing his delectable Super Bowl snack ideas Chef Capon, a serial restauranteur and  six-time burger bash winner, provided a wealth of great cooking tips including: be one with your food, never marinate with salt or citrus, make sure your pans are hot enough and clean as you go. I have a thing for chefs and successful resteranteurs as they are always a complete blast to hang with. When I told him I recently swore off all beef, he hilariously quipped, “If a cow could eat you, don’t you think it would?”  I might even have to have just one more burger in Life to try his award winning version.




The menu consisted of Chef Capon’s crazy good Buffalo and Asian BBQ Chicken Lollipops, Green Dragon Shrimp Skewers, Pressed Cuban Sandwich, Sausage and Peppers served with Garlic Bread and Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Filet Mignon Cheesesteak, and Guacamole. O’Connell described the Chicken Lollipops as “orgasmic” and I have to agree. I will definitely be trying to re-create them for Super Bowl and Awards season parties.


Click this link for the recipes and hit the store for these products to help you make Chef Capon’s dishes:




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