TGATP’s Take On for 11/1/10: The Elections, or What fresh hell is this?

“If we amplify everything, we hear nothing.”
“We live in hard times not end times.”
“We know instinctively as a people, that if we are to get through the darkness and back into the light, we have to work together.” – Jon Stewart

Below is a video of the many crazy things that have been said by Republicans/Tea Party candidates and their hate mongering media mouthpieces and supporters.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

It is scary days here in America with the citizenry, according to the media, suffering from a distinct case of political Munchassen Syndrome.  At this time just two years ago, the country (and the world) was at a hope filled crossroad and seemed to be finally ready to emerge from the eight years of  mean dictates and bad policies that marked the GW Bush years.  Having elected Barack Obama, our first Black president, an elegant intelligent Man in marked contrast from the bumbling Boy King, who preceded him; we seemed on our way to regaining the glory and greatness that once defined America.  But what now?  Two years later, it seems that the old Guard has returned with the same message of fear and negativity that have always defined them.  Using a Trojan horse organization by the name of the “Tea Party”, the Republicans are once again appealing to the baser elements of American society – the angry White racist – in an attempt to return the country to the mess that they had us under.  It boogles the mind that folks are actually falling for this one and can only be explained if one remembers that for some people racism trumps all else.  What other explanation could there be for people to actually vote to destroy themselves?

Obama has done more for the American working class in his two years in office than Bush did in eight!  The Republicans have been very clear that they are the party of the rich, not interested in the rights or well-being of Black folks, women, immigrants, gays, or poor White folk.  They are very clear that they intend to roll back every bit of progress that has been made in the last two years from repealing health care to getting rid of Wall Street reform under the guise of caring about the deficit.  Some right-winged candidates have even announced plans to go even further and attempt to undo every thing that has been done to better America in the last 50 years, including school desegregation!  Why ever would anyone who is working class vote for them?  The Republi-cons talking about the deficit is comical.  Before GW took office, the Clinton administration balanced the budget and we had a ZERO deficit!  In addition, where was there concern for the deficit when they were advocating for the permanent extension of TARP, Bush’s generous tax cuts for the very wealthy, which would add another $4 trillion to the deficit!  How dare they treat the American public as if we are deaf and dumb!

However, the disorganization of the Democrats is also to blame.  Where were their campaign ads with footage of the crazy things that these Republican/Tea Party candidates are spouting?  And far too many of them angered their base and rode the fence or voted the wrong way on important issues, like the Tier 5 unemployment extension.  Because of their stupidity, millions of people are set to reach the end of their one lifeline right at the holiday season.  This was clearly not a good idea.  And why was it left to comedian Jon Stewart to offer a voice of sanity?  Where is the Democratic answer to the Republican funded, Tea Party?

We also have to start questioning the motivation of the mainstream media.  Our media is a fear based demon whereby bad news and wingnuts are given the daily focus!

Why has so much attention been given to the small loud minority of people, who are in the Tea Party, as opposed to the majority of Americans, who are sane and understand that it is going to take some time to eradicate the problems that were created under Bush.  I simply don’t buy that my fellow Americans are so stupid that they will allow the Republican Party of No to be a majority in Congress thus totally bringing progress to a standstill.

But we will see.  I intend to vote on Tuesday and then try to turn off all media and see what country I am living in on Wednesday morning.  For TGATP, the party will go on.  I hope that the same will be able to be said for my fellow Americans.

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