TGATP’s Take On for 3/21/10: The Sandra Bullock Betrayal

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On a lighter, but still serious note, the second thing irking me like a splinter under my nail this week, is this incessant cheating going on in the world!  The Jesse James/Sandra Bullock story just stinks!  Here this lovely lady just received her first Oscar, the dream accolade of a lifetime for any actress, and days later she is dealing with a dumbass cheating fool!  I mean really!  Who the hell cheats with a woman with a big old ugly tattoo on her forehead?!  Sandra needs to divorce him for that alone!  I have this weird thing where I can’t see pics or meet my boyfriend’s exes if they are gross or stupid.  It totally turns me off on a guy if he displayed bad taste in his past.  In other words, if I don’t develop a hetero girl crush, then he never should’ve gone there!  Angelina Jolie ok.  I get it. Rielle Hunter.  Not at all.  Thus, I would have to be signing papers if I was Sandra ‘cause I would never be able to sleep with Jesse again after seeing the skank freak he got with!  EWWWWW!  The only thing “bombshell” about her is the notice you’d get from the clinic for sleeping with her!  Or the coyote ugly feeling you’d get waking up to her in the morning!  She’s straight out of a Rob Zombie movie a tattooed Nazi sporting freak!

And can every one of these hoochies that gets with someone’s husband cut the “I didn’t know he was still married; I thought he was separated” crap!  That’s is the oldest line in the philandering book!  You always know deep down, you just decide to do it anyway.  Especially if it means you are going to be famous, as well!  I know first hand the lure of this sort of thing.  In my youth, I had a UK tabloid try to set up a huge rock star, who was attached to a very famous woman but known to have a roving eye.  They offered me money and fame to seduce him and then spill the dirty beans in their pages.  They even offered to send a car to transport me to him.  But fortunately, I was raised right (and madly in Love with a hot Scotsman) so I turned them down.  The Scotsman turned out to be all wrong for me but at least, my integrity stayed in tact!  What these gals don’t realize is that a) you gain infamy not fame and b) there are just too many of them now, so no one really remembers them past their proverbial 15 minutes!

Plus, will all these famous men wake the hell up!  You can’t even LOOK at another women without being found out, let alone sleep with and text to. This is an age of cell phones, Twitter, Facebook, and instant karma.  In addition, everyone wants to be rich and famous, so their are people just waiting to sell your story.  You are going to be found out!

And finally, can men please stop thinking that “quantity equals quality” and that “the grass is always greener”?  It doesn’t and it’s not!  If you want to be married, or attached in any way; then be married, be attached!  If not, get the divorce and then resume your single Life.

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