Angelina’s Right Leg Goes Viral on Buzz Feed and Twitter

"Uh Brad...the camera's over here."


Seemingly saying “I’m sexy and I know it”, Angelina Jolie had a bit of fun with us last night by flashing those fabulous gams!  While some people have made much ado about her gesture, I am solidly “Team Jolie” and personally think that Angelina is the bee’s knees and can do little wrong!  So in honor of Angelina and her right leg, here are some TGATP Angelina legbombs courtesy of BuzzFeed.  You can create your own at:  Buzz Feed Angie Legbombs and check out the amusing Angie’ Right Leg Twitter Feed at:  @AngiesRightLeg.  Watch out it’s ADDICTIVE!


Boogeying with Fred


Betty White Borrows Angie's Right Leg
Dancing with Rita in Gilda
Stomping Grapes with Lucy


At the Signing of the Declaration of Independence


Walking On Water
So that's what lucky Brad's getting!
Godzilla vs. Angelina’s Right Leg
Edith said to wear these in the next scene.


Riding with the Zappatistas
Marching for Mumia


Beckoning Ron Jeremy


Bettie Bomb


At the beach with Bettie!


and finally…

"Uh, Brad...I'm over here."




That Girl At the Party

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