TGATP’s Take On for 3/19/10: Health Care NOW!

Michelle Malkin Hatemonger in a bikini

Two things have angered the dickens out of me, so I am doing two separate TGATP Take’s On this week.  First of all, can the American people please wake up to the evil that is any Congressperson not wanting us to have the same access to health care that they all have!  If the Republicans (and some idiot Democrats) don’t want the American people to have health care, why don’t they give theirs up?  Let’s see how well they and they families will do without the all -inclusive access to the best doctors and hospitals that they have!  Hell, do all of us have to run for Congress in order to have proper health care?

Yesterday, I sat and watched this fool Representative Dr. Robert Broun of Georgia stand up in the House and claim he was speaking “for the American people” in opposition to the health care bill!  I can assure him that, he most definitely is NOT speaking for me!  First of all, he is from the party of No, so one can expect him to just be an anti-everything positive kind of guy.  Secondly, he is a” Dr.” so he can also be expected to want to maintain the status quo and make tons of money off sick people!  The only health care concern he states on his website is that, and I quote, “the current system is leaving it up to the physicians to try to obtain payment from insurance providers, with varying degrees of success.” In other words, his payment is his only concern about the current system!  Not that there are millions of us without access to any health care at all, not that insurance companies refuse policies to people with pre-existing conditions, not that insurance companies put caps on benefits that often costs lives, not that they are frantically raising premiums; no, his only concern is that he has to go through some bureaucracy to get paid!  Is this really the sort of individual we want making decisions and claiming to speak for the American people?

And the debate has hit a new low that pissed me off so much I could spit and slap!  The attacks from that harpy Michelle Malkin and blowhards Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh on an 11-YEAR OLD BOY are totally outrageous!  This lot is so sick and evil that they are attacking a MOTHERLESS CHILD!  Marcelas Owens lost his mother because she, like millions of working poor and people on unemployment, had no access to healthcare.  Medicaid caps eligibility off at such an unrealistically low amount that virtually no one qualifies.  In NY, you can’t make more than $600 a month!  Who can actually pay rent, eat, and pay bills for that low amount?  You really only qualify for NY Medicaid if you are homeless or working illegally!  It is totally ridiculous and I am sure that, like Marcelas’ mom, thousands of people have died because of lack of insurance!  This is the very thing Obama is fighting to eradicate!  How can any person with any semblance of a Soul actually be against that?  It is beyond me completely why we, as American Citizens, are allowing this crazy just say “no” to everything from the Republicans and this airwave hatemongering from these three losers!  Malkin claims to be an “Evangelical Christian.”   Gimme a break!  Does she really think that Christ would be berating an 11-year old who has lost his mother!  Her behavior and belief systems are decidedly anti everything Christ was about and is an affront to every true Christian.  And to answer Zack Exley‘s question in yesterday’s Huffington Post, Glenn Beck is definitely scarier than Heath Ledger‘s Joker.  In fact, he was probably the inspiration!

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