The 10 Best Home Spa Holiday Gifts

The O2-B Personal Oxygen Bar - The Ultimate Home Spa Luxury

The regular TGATP reader knows that I believe in the house as a sanctuary and spa.    With the economy in the crapper and simply everyone having to cut back on luxuries, like those weekly spa visits, every gal on your list will thank her lucky stars for any of these lovely at-home spa gifts.  And all the better if you live with her and can use them too!

1. Clarisonic Mia and Clarisonic Opal Infusion – Clarisonic products are my absolute favorite beauty items!  No gal serious about beauty should be without these amazing products.  The Mia is compact yet packs a ton of cleaning power that gets your face 6x cleaner than normal soap and water allowing your potions to penetrate more effectively.  Clarisonic is offering a 3-pack price for the holiday.  In addition, there is a Carbon Fiber Mia and a Black Opal designed with Men in mind!  Get one for everyone you know!

2. NuFace Trinity – I have been using the regular NuFace for about three months now and can see a dramatic different in the firmness of my skin especially around the eyes where I tend to be puffy due to allergies.  This newer version is more portable, ergonomically designed and rechargeable!   Makes me wish I had waited to get mine!

3. Palovia Skin Renewing Laser – I just received this amazing gadget and am astounded at the results after just one week.  It smarts a bit but is, so far, delivering great results.  I will be doing a separate post on this in 30 days.

4. Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitener – LOVE this product!   Just coat your teeth with gel, insert the tooth guard, push a button and go.  At-home teeth whitening that is as extraordinary as a salon visit.  So simple and convenient you can pop this in while watching tv, reading, or just relaxing.

5. Luminess Air Tanning Machine I am a firm believer in the year round tan, so this machine is another must have!    

6. Temptu Air Brush Makeup Machine – The patented Temptu pod system makes this my favorite of the air brush makeup machines.  Delivers an even and light application every time.  And really happy that they took my suggestion of last year and added a self-tanning pod although it is a little overpriced.

7. Radiancy No No Skin –   Fortunatel,y not something I need to use too often but will zap a zit in one night!  A beauty must!

8. Intelligent Nutrients Aromatic Spray I spray this all the time.  It creates a beautiful spa like aroma in the house that is incredible and calming.  It was originally supposed to be used with the bug repellant but I just love this all-natural, chemical-free mix of geranium, lemongrass, citronella, rosemary, cedar, and clove all on its own!


9. Scented Face Masks – Scented face masks are just so luscious!  I love these from O’Susanna filled with pesticide-free lavender grown on the sunny hills and valleys of northern California. Use these anytime you need to just chill out.

10. O2-B Personal Oxygen Bar(see above) -For the ultimate in extravagance, gift that special someone with the O2B Personal Oxygen Bar!  Breathing clean air reinvigorates and purifies the whole body and restores energy level.  The O2-B provides the highest oxygen output of any non-medical personal oxygen concentrator and is lightweight and portable.  I love to do a 30-minute session while meditating and donning a lavender scented sleep pillow.  It’s sheer heaven!

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