Hot Games for the Holidays – Yamodo Party Time and Chronicles of the Mind


Yamodo Party Time is the hottest game of the holiday season!  A definitive game of made-up words with collaborative answers and doodles that are as silly or serious as the group who is playing,  Named Party Game of the Year from Creative Child and Dr. Toy Top 10 Game, it is the award-winning game of made-up words that will keep everyone in stitches and retails for just $24.99 at Barnes & Noble and Toys R Us stores.

How to Play:

Played in quick rounds, players scramble to create their “best” definition to a made-up word and theme with the hope of being picked by the judge.  Be creative, be quick, but when time runs out, the Spindoodler is spun, and the consequences only add to the fun.  Write a funny definition. Add a quick doodle, and feel free to lobby the judge on why your definition is best.  Every round has a new judge, word and theme, so you never know what your mind will draw out!

At the end of each round, everyone turns their card into the middle of the table face down and the judge collects the cards. The judge then reads each card and shows the doodling that occurred to help illustrate the definition. The judge then uses his/her judgment to choose a winner for the round. The judge may choose on any criteria he/she prefers, such as most creative definition, funniest, most like the word given, opposite, etc. The winner of the round collects the Yamodo word card.  The game concludes after someone has collected three Yamodo word cards.

Griddly Games, the company with the “Games That Get You Going” is getting your mind going too with the release of its social, brain-teaser game: Chronicles of the Mind ($12.99 for ages 10 and up) which come complete with French, Spanish, and German translations.   This is the perfect ice-breaking game for all your party guests!

How To Play:

In Chronicles of the Mind, the playing group can choose from one of four different versions of the game to suit their group.  The goal is to get to know everyone better as each player reports, recounts and relates funny, inspiring, sad, true or false stories.

The playing options for Chronicles are:

  • Chronicler:  A player picks a category card and shares a story that matches the category. The next player turns over the next card and recounts another story in a new category.
  • Kit n’ Caboodle:   A player picks up a category card and then each player shares their own story that matches the category on the card.
  • The Gambler:  Each player is dealt 5 category cards. Players can then choose to return some or all of their cards and receive replacements. Then each player must share a story that matches the categories of their cards.
  • Bamboozle: Each player, on his or her turn, picks a card from the category deck and without telling anyone else, chooses to tell a true or false story.   After the story, all players must use their Voting Card to say whether the story was true or false.  Players receive a point if they answer correctly.   If a player is incorrect, then the storyteller receives their points.  First player to reach 20 points wins the game.




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