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Get $50 OFF Dinner With The Dead With Thomas John

Join TGATP and my favorite psychic Thomas John at his Dinner With The Dead (DWTD) in NYC. TGATP readers can get $50 off, this special occasion with the code: 50OFF

Here is the link: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/eventllr=e7ci9etab&oeidk=a07edtdxvfi3c609009

Thomas John 109 Predictions for 2013!

This year, I was blessed to have a couple of readings with the extraordinarily talented psychic medium Thomas John. In 2012, Thomas accurately predicted some celeb happenings, like the TomKat split, that I really didn’t see coming. So I was uber excited to see what he foresees for 2013! Here are 109 predictions plus one I hope he can make for my coming year.