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A couple weeks ago, I had the great honor of attending “An Evening With Thomas John” and he literally blew my mind!  A psychic clairvoyant, Thomas worked the room picking up messages from the loved ones of the attendees.  His readings were so accurate that many recipients actually wept.  Afterwards, I was honored to have a private reading with Thomas where we spoke to my Mom and chatted about his amazing talent.

TGATP:  Thomas, an evening with you is a magical and awesome thing to behold!  Is there ever a time when you receive a message that you can’t share with the crowd or decide not to tell the audience member at all?  I kept trying to bring my Mom into the room.  But she would only come when we were alone chatting, do some spirits sometimes prefer a more private setting?

TJ:  Some Spirits are more private, and some Spirits are definitely more talkative. I had a woman, who came in once, and her Mom kept talking about things that were really insignificant and not important—what people had for lunch, how this person doesn’t talk to this one, the neighbors. The woman said, “Will you tell her to shut up!? I want to talk to my Father and that is just like her to be overbearing and go on and on about nothing!”  Other times they have very dry wit, so yes, their personalities come through all the time.  I try not to censor, and I definitely get funny or even kind of embarrassing messages sometimes, but most people are so happy to be hearing from loved ones, they don’t really care.  Your Mom might have known that we were going to have that special time after the show, so she waited until then.  She’s actually coming to me right now and she keeps saying she is with Sam?

TGATP:  Wow!  Sam was my great grandfather!  When did you first know you had this talent and was it scary for you?

TJ:  As a young boy, I saw and felt Spirits very much.  My father’s father died before I was born and we literally never spoke about him.  When I was very young, he’d visit me.  I mean, we literally did not speak of this man and the stuff I knew was so detailed.  It was stuff my dad didn’t know and had to get validated–but it was all accurate.  But you know as a child, you don’t know that you are different.  You think everyone is like this.  So it wasn’t scary until I realized, whoa, I’m very different!  My parents were actually not great about it—they didn’t really understand it.  They wanted a good life for me.  And they just thought, that this was something I should not develop, because it would make my life more complicated.

TGATP:  Amazingly, you predicted that Whitney Houston would pass this year, which nobody saw coming!  Any other major predictions for celebrities this year?  Like, will Brangelina actually make it to the altar and will they be a long and happy coupling?  Will Jennifer Aniston ever really get a good man?  Are Will and Jada headed for a break-up?  And do we need to worry about any other stars passing?

TJ:  Yes, I do see another major celebrity passing towards the end of the year, actually a male, who I feel is in his 80s and well-known for winning many awards—he’s very esteemed.  Jennifer Aniston is getting married soon, I feel, with announcements late summer, and soon after, a baby. Brangelina is doomed and Will and Jada will end in a break-up, but they have some more gas in their tank.

TGATP:  How fascinating that you studied Human development and then did research at major hospitals.  How were you able to use your medium talents in that setting?  When did you decide to take your talents public and help others?

TJ:  Well, in a way, I did that because I was running away from my gift.  But it brought me closer to it in the end.  I have just always wanted to help people. That was one form of doing it I guess.  But I just kept being guided back to being an intuitive. It was almost like the more I ran away from it, the stronger it became.  My talents became public, however, when I had my own experiences with death.  Up until I was about 22, I had no real major experiences with death.  But then, in a month, I lost three major people in my life, including my best friend and my grandmother.  From there, my gift came on really strong.

TGATP:  How did you first get started as a professional medium?

TJ:  Well, I started doing readings and making sure I was accurate—I did them for friends, family, but the stuff that I picked up on I didn’t know or have any way of knowing.  But my psychic stuff really started to develop when I moved to New York City.  I just found a wonderful group here of people who are spiritual and supportive—though not all psychics.  Just people that are open and beautifully spiritual people.  I really connected with Laura Smith, who is a radio personality at WABC, and she started to help me realize that I should get more exposure for my gift so I could ultimately help more people.  From there, it’s just been a growing thing.

TGATP:  Is there a specific medium that you look up to and/or model yourself after?

TJ:  As far as mediums, there are many good ones out there, including John Holland and Rita Berkowitz, two people I have seen back in my hometown area in Massachusetts.  Rita draws people’s faces that she sees in Spirit, which is a very uncanny experience.  She always says that if she hasn’t proved life after to death to anyone else, she’s proved it to herself.  I mean, how can you really argue with someone who draws a picture of your dead Grandmother in the same outfit she has in the picture you have her on your mantle.  I think I admire them because they are both people, who don’t act in a way that suggests that the messenger should be more important the message.  But I don’t really model myself after other mediums.  I would say my role models are more people who have been historical spiritual teachers—people who have truly lived in the light and tried to positively impact the world.

TGATP:  Are your visions something you can turn on or off or do they just continually come?

TJ:  It requires effort, so it’s not something I experience constantly if I don’t want to.  But yes, I do pick up things.  But it requires effort to the point that I just can’t tune in 24/7.  And even if I did get a message, it would be so out of tune that I wouldn’t really trust it.  But to a certain extent, my intuition guides me everywhere I go.  It’s such a hard-wired part of the person that I choose to be.  But I have control over it, and know how and when to turn it off and on.

TGATP:  How do the people from the other side manifest for you?  In other words, when you speak to our loved ones, do you actually SEE them in some physical way or are they just a voice coming through?

TJ:  I see light forms–almost like long images of lights, and I can see them in the room with me.  But I have developed all of my “clairs”—clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance—so I just feel, hear, see, everything to get my messages.  It’s an entirely different language.  But the messages come from the spiritual being.  But spirits can reveal themselves to me in so many ways.  However, this is all something that is happening very fast, and it’s almost a process that I am not even aware of.   It would be like asking you—tell me the specifics of how you take a shower every morning.  I guess you could sit there and explain to me everything you do.  But it’s such a integrated process of who I am as a person, I’m not really even fully aware of it.

TGATP:  What do they do all day?  Is it just a parallel universe to this one without all the worry and strife?  Like, my Mama loved dancing, is she over on the other side getting down?

TJ:  I bet she is—and she has a cat she is telling me!  To be honest, I’m not sure, I’ve never been over there, but I have hunches since I communicate with Spirit all day.  It’s more of a mind state though—it’s not really a destination.  It’s more like being in a constant state of mind that is peaceful and totally clear.  I believe that Heaven is really what you want it to be—its very much manifested by our own desires and experiences.  So when we cross over, we basically get to live our dreams, and guide people that are still here.  We get to this higher place, that is very pure and clear, where we can offer guidance to those on earth.

TGATP:  I asked this when I met you, but I want the readers to hear your exact answer because your answer seems to indicate eternal Life.
Will we be able to talk to our loved ones forever or will they go away?  Some people claim that once people reincarnate they return to the Earth plane and we can no longer speak to them, what is your opinion?

TJ:  As long as we are there to listen, our Spirits will always be there.  We do reincarnate, I believe, but we also travel in soul groups, so when we return, its many centuries after we lived here.  We do not come back immediately.  This is because we have things to learn when we cross over, and lessons that need to be taught to us over there.  See the life and death thing is really about many instances of learning.  The faculty of it is that we get many chances to master a goal and live in our purest intent–not just one shot.  So we get to try our best  Then, we come back another time to try again but this time with some added insight and abilities.

TGATP:  I want to talk to my Mom more often, is there a way that we can actually consciously interact with our loved ones who have passed?
Do they hear us when we call them?  Are they watching us?

TJ:  My grandmother used to say that they heaven is seven feet above us, and I really believe they are very close.  They are always around us. The Other Side is not a very distant place—it’s actually very close by, and the boundaries between here and there are very thin.  But the connection is a bit different than the one on earth.  Nothing can replace that connection here and now—not even the best medium.  But if there is one thing I know, it’s that love is eternal and does not have limits. They are always a thought away from us, and eager and honored to guide us.  We just have to ask, which is often the most difficult step.

TGATP:  What is the strangest thing you have ever had happen during a reading?  And the funniest?

TJ:  I have had some pretty intense readings I would say.  Once, I had a woman come for a reading and I told her all about her husband and he gave her many messages.  She was dumbfounded though.  Because he wasn’t dead yet, but the messages had to be from him.  He wasn’t even sick and she kind of left weirded out.  It turned out though that when she got in the car, she got a call that her husband had died of a heart attack that morning and had just been found in his car in the parking lot of his employer.  So, it had been her husband the entire time—and it made even more sense why he was coming through to let her know he was OK.  The funniest stories—wow, there are many!  I just like it when the Spirits tell embarrassing stories.  Sometimes they are really silly and almost insignificant, but they can be incredibly funny!

TGATP:  Can mediums see everything that is going to happen in their own Lives and with the people, who will come into their Lives?
This would’ve saved me tons of time with the loser guys I dated!  LOL

TJ:  Yes, we can see many things, but not everything.  Sometimes we are supposed to go through certain events in our lives so that we can learn a certain lesson.  That’s probably the hardest part of getting a psychic reading—sometimes we are confronted with things that we just have to go through.  My Spirit guides call these “rain coat times” .  Because there is nothing else you can do except put your rain coat on and get through it!  Just because you see a psychic once a week doesn’t mean you can avoid problems.

TGATP:  A psychic friend of mine stated that mediums cannot predict things, like winning Powerball numbers.  How come?

TJ:  This is truly a gift, and no matter what your belief system, it comes from God.  It comes from a higher power.  It is supposed to be used truly as a gift, and in no other way.  It is not supposed to be used for selfish desires, like gaining wealth or fame.  It’s supposed to be used in the highest and purest way possible.  Otherwise, we can actually lose it or it can be taken away by a higher power.  You have to remember that this gift is a very delicate, very sensitive thing.  It is something that has to be honored and really used as a gift to help and empower others.

TGATP:  You are working on your first book, tell us a bit about it.

TJ:  It’s a book about stories about people from the Other Side.  It’s not really about any theory or stuff like that.  It’s a very simple book about the many beautiful Spirits I meet in my travels and readings, and the numerous emotions that death evokes—sadness, triumph, fear, love, happiness.  It’s not just black and white.


About Thomas John

Thomas John is a psychic medium and clairvoyant, as well as a published author and life coach who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development from the University of Chicago.  As of 2010, Thomas has exclusively focused his efforts on mediumship and psychic advice.  He maintains a full time, private practice dedicated to psychic mediumship,where he helps individuals around the world connect with loved ones on the Other Side.  Thomas’ talents have also been featured in national media outlets.

Psychic Medium Thomas John is an internationally regarded psychic sensation who has conducted hundreds of readings across the country and beyond.  His clients have included Wall Street moguls, doctors, and lawyers as well as several high-profile celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Courtney Cox.  His readings are known for their incredible accuracy and specific detail, and provide unequivocal evidence of the survival of consciousness.

To schedule a private reading with Thomas go to:

Thomas also has a BlogTalk Radio show called “Voices from Beyond with Thomas John.” where you can call in and speak to him and his guests and get a free reading!  It’s every other Sunday and he posts the dates and links on his Facebook.



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