Pestos with Panache By Lauren


Having lived in Italy for 2 years, I have been wild about pesto for quite awhile.  Originating from Liguria on the Italian Riviera, the quality of pesto in the US varies greatly.  Few Americans have actually had real pesto, as most mass-market brands are a gloppy, oily mess!  Thus, I was truly delighted to experience the new Pestos with Panache by Lauren. Local gal Lauren Stewart has created the most delectable pesto recipes I have ever tasted!  There are six different varieties:  Decadent Dark Chocolate and Ancho Chile, Fabulous Fig and Gorgonzola, Succulent Strawberry, Pumpkin Chipotle, Banging Blueberry, and my favorite Prosciutto and Smoked Almond. While to some pesto purists these combinations may seem strange, they are absolutely delicious and are delicately prepared so that no one flavor overpowers the other. Pestos with Panache can at zip to any meal.

Here are just a few tasty ideas:

  • Mix the Fig and Gorgonzola pesto with mayo on a ham and cheese or turkey sandwich
  • Blend a bit of pesto with some butter for a yummy baked potato topping
  • Mix a tiny bit of pesto into your cream cheese and spread on your morning bagel
  • Whisk pesto into your eggs whites to make a healthy omelet
  • Substitute butter with pesto on your steamed vegetables or rice
  • Drizzle pesto over your baked chicken, fish or steaks

Pestos with Panache are available at Whole Foods and Garden of Eden in the New York area.  Check out: for online sales and stores in your area.  They are completely fresh so will last about two weeks in your fridge.  (You can also freeze portions in ice trays for individual use past that time.)

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