Metro City Wing House Makes Best Wings In the US

Christmas 2017 was extra special for me since I got to go home and spend some time with my cousins and see my Dad in Maryland. On the last day there, I had the great fortune to dine at Richard Johnson’s Metro City Wing House (4404 St Barnabas RdMarlow Heights, MD) and experience the best wings I have ever had in my Life! Wings are one of my favorite foods and I have sampled dozens of them. Thus, it is no easy feat to garner the top spot on my list. But Chef Johnson’s amazingly delectable wings did just that after a single tasting! Johnson’s take on the traditional buffalo wing extends from the classic to the innovative. With 24 different sauces –  including a spicy ode to President Obama – there is something for every taste. I am particularly mad for the 24KT sauce.

The venue itself is unassuming and made me think of one of those awesome Southern road site joints. The menu is extensive and there are so many slamming and delicious items, that I would suggest going with a bunch of friends or family and each ordering a ton of things to share.

For starters, you simply must have one of the amazing crab cakes. 100% seasoned crab, fried to crispy perfection and served on a potato bun, Johnson’s crab cake is simply everything a great crab cake should be. Then, there are the Crab Fries, a Metro City exclusive. A massive serving of French fries smothered in crab and shrimp with a special cheese sauce, no visit to Metro City would be complete without a serving of this yummy dish. For sides, go with the Mac and Cheese and throw in some collard greens. On my next visit, I plan to check out Johnson’s Boneless Crab Wings, a medley of boneless chicken loaded with crab meat and special cheese sauce. (I’m dairy-free but cheat on special occasions. A visit to Metro City is one of those special occasions!) 
If you still have room after all the yummy wings, crab fries and side dishes, order a dessert from Diane’s Famous cakes or Ms Puddin. if you are like me and need a little sweet after eating, there are also tons of fun candies like Now or Later and Mike n Ike.

The DC area is blessed to have this great spot and this year Metro City is hitting the DMV road with their first food truck, which will further service the area. I hope they one day come to the NY area either with a brick and mortar spot or a truck. A truck at the Williamsburg Smorgasborg in the summer would be a great gain for the city and I would definitely be a regular. As it is, I will have to go there every time I am down home!





I was also very impressed by Chef Johnson’s background. He is a classic American success story and a true inspiration.  Originally from Buffalo, Johnson had a tough youth. But he turned his life around and attended culinary school. After serving as a chef in other restaurants, he opened Metro City in 2007.  Johnson has created quite a culinary buzz in the metropolitan DC area. Word of his culinary genius even spread to the entertainment world, when he was the caterer for one of Diddy’s White parties. Giving back is key to Johnson’s success. His employment of troubled teenagers and young mothers provides a true place of equal opportunity. Johnson not only provides a place of employment, he also imparts vital life lessons and advice to help his employees long after they have left his employ.






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