How HelloFresh Helped Me Get Back Into A Routine

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Once an overweight, diabetic, late-night snacker, I spent the year and a half before Covid-19 completely revamping my diet. With a focus on healthier, mostly plant-based food  choices – I  still eat fish – and portion control coupled with intermittent fasting, I released 52 unwanted pounds. Fortunately, I was able to maintain my new good habits and only gained 4 lbs during the pandemic. 

So one area I’m keen to continue improving is my eating habits. Since I am an emotional eater and this pandemic is creating great stress, some days are better than others. Between grocery shopping, meal planning and actually cooking, trying to figure out what to make for dinner can be a little daunting. Being prepared for something as simple as dinner can make my whole day feel a lot more manageable. Consistency is key, and that’s why I’m absolutely loving HelloFresh.


If you don’t know, HelloFresh is an awesome service that sends you everything you need to whip up delicious dinners in no time. Their weekly boxes are packed full of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and detailed recipe cards that walk you through how to make each meal. I’ve been on the fence about trying meal kits in the past, but after sampling some of the delicious recipes HelloFresh has on offer, it’s safe to say I’m a believer!

Every week, you get to choose from 22 yummy recipes that have been curated by HelloFresh’s team of chefs. I was shocked by how many global cuisines are on offer- Thai, Indian, Italian, Mexican, even American Style Craft Burgers. These guys have thought of everything, and even have vegetarian, low-calorie, and family-friendly options.

For my first order, I chose Tilapia & Almond Parsley Gremolata, Ginger Soy Noodle Stir-Fry and Scallops Over Truffled Mushroom Risotto. The photos looked incredible on their website. I am a great home chef but I was a little worried that the recipes would be a little complicated to execute for readers. But luckily, the recipe cards break everything down into small, achievable steps. So you will find it really easy to prepare these amazing meals. All of HelloFresh’s meals take only 40 minutes or less. Considering how minimal the prep time was for each recipe, I was able to relax and thoroughly enjoy cooking without being stressed.

The finished result of all three meals really exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed all three, but the Scallops and Truffle Risotto stole the show! The scallops were so fresh, and I was able to cook them to perfection with ease. HelloFresh’s portions are also bigger than I was expecting. So I was able to gift my homebound elderly neighbor with three awesome meals!

HelloFresh couldn’t be more convenient- who doesn’t wanna take fewer trips to the grocery store right now?! Their plans are super flexible, too, meaning you can tweak, pause, or cancel at any time. It’s also the perfect solution whether you’re single or a bigger family. You can select a box for either 2 or 4 people, and choose up to 5 recipes a week.

I’m sure, if you are like me right now, life’s been a little all over the place this past seven months and still is. I have mostly been having groceries delivered but often forget ingredients. I have also been doing more takeout than usual. But I am not keen on that. Because when you do not cook your own food, it is hard to control portions and calories. So I am so happy to have meal solutions that provide all the ingredients I need, are healthy and easy to prepare! HelloFresh starts at just $6.99 per serving – so it’s definitely easier on my wallet than takeout.

is a smarter choice for dinner time, in more ways than one. I was glad to see how committed they are to sustainability. Thanks to their shortened supply chain, their carbon footprint is 25% lower than meals made from store-bought groceries. And since they give you the exact amount of each ingredient you need, there’s zero food waste. I love that.

HelloFresh is the breath of fresh air my routine needed. This year, more than ever, we all need to look after ourselves a little more. Knowing what I’ll be making for dinnertime has eliminated some of the stress from my week and put the fun back into cooking! 

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