Of Madams, Snooki as Madonna, BK and Two Conservatives

Anna Gristina (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The story of Soceer Mom/Upper East Side Madam Anna Gristina has been all over the  news and I feel the whole thing is much ado about nothing.  What goes on with consenting adults is their own business.  It is time that prosecutors stop wasting the taxpayers money on these idiotic witch hunts that never lead to anything.  We all know that wealthy men will always spend their money on wine, women, and song.  It’s been going on every since there has been wine, women, and songs!   Why I bet the first Neanderthal that traded a bone, traded it for time with a well-endowed Neanderthal gal.   And does anyone really believe these sort of businesses operate without the full participation and knowledge of the cops?  I don’t.  Especially since they have existed for so long!  It is being reported that tons of young women were constantly going in and out of Gristina’s building and that people in the building had called the police in the past.  And this was going on for 15 years, which is a lot of comings and goings, for a very long time.  I don’t believe that no one in authority knew about this.  In addition, why are the sellers being prosecuted when the buyers are not?  If paying a girl for her time is illegal, then the men in Gristina’s alleged little black book should do time too.  This case has nothing to do with the Attorney General wanting to eliminate prostitution in NY.  No, this is going to be a case just like the half dozen other prominent cases of the past few years.  They’ll take all her money and Gristina will get a slap on the wrist to keep her from revealing the prominent men that used her agency.  Or if there are any political figures like Spitzer, that someone wants to get rid of in the black book, those men and their families lives will be ruined.  But unless, someone REALLY big is named in two years time, this whole thing will be reduced to a few salacious headlines that none of us will remember in a few years time.

Kudos to Greg Smith for exposing the continuing greed, lack of accountability, and dearth of intregrity that are still rampant on Wall Street.  The problem is that the same malaise is pervasive in EVERY field.  It is why our economy is in the crapper.  I have worked in three areas of media and have witnessed the same lack of concern for clients, raving quest for money at all costs, and mistreatment or workers in every one.  Fortunately, while the Internet/Tech world certainly has its issues, it tends to be far more democratic.  Oh sure, there are low moral people to deal with, such as, racist and snobby PR people and a shark tank of bloggers, who regularly steal concepts and purport to be actual “journalists”.  But these are the bottom feeders.  Like Steve Jobs before them, the leaders of the industry are the most creative and innovative people alive today.  It is time that the US Government wake up and realize that both economic and job growth are going to come from Internet technology.  We need a Marshall Plan for technology, NOW.

When I heard that Snooki was pregnant, I had to ponder what kind of Karma someone would have to have to be born to her.  It will certainly be interesting to watch what she produces.  Because it can go either way.  Snooki will either be a really amazing Mom because she has done it all and knows what to avoid.  Or she will be a really lousy one because she won’t be able to kick her alcoholism.  And  since this was obviously not a planned pregnancy, it’s a shame that the baby’s earliest development was as an egg, marinating in a body doused in alcohol.

Rush Limbaugh is a very pudgy, ugly round pink man who needs to shut up and go very far away.  He has become an embarassment to even his own party with his latest sexist attack against student Sandra Fluke.  It is way past time that all advertisers, including Netflix, pull out of this daily hate-chat lest we their consumers conclude that they side with him.  Does Netflix condone these statements?

The descension of the other Conservative hate-monger Andrew Breibart was also in the news recently.  Some cried conspiracy.  But this was actually a slow suicide.  Because you can’t keep spewing poison from every pore in your body and not end up having it kill you.  Hate directed at others poisons the Soul of the hater.

And my prayers are with Bobbi Kristina.  Having lost my beloved Mom just as suddenly last April, I know well the wilderness that this young lady is in.  While she has the cushion of tons of money, I am very concerned about this new hook-up as she is too vulnerable to enter into any relationship right now.


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