Why We Need An Investigation Into Trump And Russia



The totally unwarranted and nasty tweets that came from the man in the White House claiming that he was wiretapped by President Obama, opened up a new can of worms that were likely unexpected. There are three possible scenarios. 1. Since President Obama could not himself order a wiretap, the FBI or the DOJ had probable cause to get a judge to issue a FISA warrant to do so. 2. Trump, nervous that his ties with the Russians are closing in on him, has become paranoid and is worried about what the FBI and DOJ have on him. 3. Trump made the whole thing up to distract from the growing firestorm around Jeff Sessions, who lied to Congress about his Russian ties during his confirmation hearings. 4. Trump is totally unhinged and addicted to Twitter. I suspect a combination of 2,3, and 4!

With reports from the Independent UK  stating that US spies have “considerable intelligence” on high level Russians discussing collusion with Team Trump, it is time for the American people to know once and for all about Trump and his administration’s Russian ties and Russia’s interference into our democratic process. With all these unanswered questions about the Trump administration knowing that Flynn was a foreign agent and their reluctance to fire him until they were forced my the media and the It cannot be done by the GOP led House Intelligence Committee, who clearly have no interest in finding out the Truth. To that end, TGATP demands the immediate naming of a Special Prosecutor into the serious interference by a foreign power into our Democracy. We, as a nation, cannot continue to allow this administration to make major decisions for the nation without being completely sure that it is not being controlled by Russia.

There is far too much smoke to simply ignore this growing fire. It is completely ridiculous that Republicans expect the nation to just act as if there is nothing strange about all these meetings with Russia by the Trump administration during the campaign, when it has been proven that the Russians hacked Clinton’s emails to sway the election. There are simply too many obvious indicators that Trump and his administration are working with Russian interests in mind. They include:

  • The fact that Trump refuses to release his tax returns so we can see his debts and ties to Russia and other countries that will influence his decision making.
  • The fact that almost all his top cabinet picks have or have had ties to Russia, many actual business ties.
  • The fact that Flynn was a foreign agent yet still hired by the administration and the administration claimed not to know when he says they did and were reluctant to fire him until they were forced by the media to do so
  • The fact that Trump and his cabinet all lied to conceal those ties. Trump himself claimed to not know Putin despite admitting that he had dealings with him in 2013. In addition, his son admitted that the Trump family has made major money through Russian interests. Flynn resigned over his ties and Sessions is now on the hot seat due to his.
  • The fact that Trump constantly praises Putin, even over our own Presidents and our allies’ leaders.
  • The fact that numerous Russian ambassadors and businessmen with ties to Trump and his cabinet have ended up mysteriously dead in the last couple of months.
  • The fact that Trump has Felix Sater, a known Russian mobster, in the White House.
  • The fact that Tillerson, the Secretary of State, was made an honorary person in Russia by Putin.
  • The fact that Russian steel arrived on our shores to be used for pipeline projects that will destroy our environment but make a Russian oligarch tied to Putin tons of money.
  • The fact that there are dealings with Russian oligarchs that oddly coincide with the hacking of Hillary Clinton
  • The fact that Monica Crowley, after being rejected for plagiarism from the National Security team, just registered as a Foreign Agent to be a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch
  • The Carter Page story

There are just too many in our face ties to Russia to the point that it is far too obvious that Trump and his cabinet, associates and family members all have nefarious Russian ties that could be influencing their decisions. In addition, Trump’s tweets call into question the integrity of Comey and the FBI. If they actually were wiretapping Trump under a FISA warrant investigating Russian ties, why did Comey find it more important to speak about non consequential emails from Hilary rather than this just 10 days before the election?  We need to know all of this. The GOP cannot expect the nation to accept this man as our President until we are totally clear that he is. Only a full independent investigation into possible collusion during the campaign and continuing ties with Russia will clear this up.


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