GI Joe Retaliation ROCKS!


GI Joe: Retaliation rocks and is even better than the first one!  The plot is simple:  the GI Joes now lead by Captain Duke (Channing Tatum) are sent to recover nuclear weapons in Pakistan.  But an deadly ambush that wipes out dozens of soldiers during the mission, reveals a government conspiracy against the Joes.  The survivors, now led by Roadblock (Dwayne Johnson better known as “The Rock”) go undercover to see, who led the attack on them and why.

The Rock is his usual sardonic self and carries the film.  I really loved Lady Jaye (Adrianne Palicki), who in true post-feminist style was brains, kickass and T&A all rolled up into one. And what action fan doesn’t love Bruce WillisD.J. Cotrona was under utilized as Flint, so I would have rather seen more of Channing.  And as Zartan/The President Jonathan Pryce is memorable.  The one major misfire in casting was RZA as a Ninja master.  I mean really?  I believe in colorblind casting.  But RZA a young Black man as an old Asian master?  It just didn’t work and took the viewer out of the film whenever he appeared on screen.

The story is basic and a bit convoluted – the whole rogue warrior plot line has been done a gazillion times before and again, what was with the weird RZA Ninja stuff? But who cares about the plot when the action is this good?  GI Joe: Retaliation is a welcome fix for any action junkies, like me, and features some of the best action scenes in cinematic history.  The only disappointment with this film is the unnecessary 3-D, which made me a bit seasick and was not really utilized to best effect.  The breathtaking action sequence on the cliffs would have been even more stunning had the 3D effects been executed better. 3D is like sex.  If you’re gonna have it, it better be really good!

Combining stunning action sequences, a cameo from action legend Bruce Willis and the unforgettable campy one-liners we have all come to expect from this genre, the film is sure to please.  From rip-roaring start to nail biting finish, GI Joe: Retaliation delivers!

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