Raymi Sunday Supper Is Culinary Paradise!


On Sunday night, TGATP had the honor of being invited to Raymi ( West 24th St. b/tw 5th and 6th) for the inaugural Sunday Supper event.  A smorgasbord of Peruvian culinary excellence this is a must-do for every New Yorker, who truly loves good food.  The menu is extensive with something for every taste.  And best of all, the wait and management staff made us feel at home with every need quickly attended to.

The dishes are served family style with your choice of two appetizers, two main courses, and two desserts offered for $38 a person.  I loved that, as well as, Sangria for the alcohol imbibers, there is a spice infused fruity drink, which is a stunning non-alcoholic option.  I would return to Raymi on the strength of this gorgeous concoction alone!

Since this was a press dinner, we were blessed to try everything.  I don’t even know where to start because  every single dish was excellent. For appetizers, I highly recommend their take on a Ceasar salad, the Jalea, a gorgeous combo of fried corvina, shrimp, and calamari in a Peruvian tartar sauce and the Cerviche, which is so fresh it tastes like there is a river running through the kitchen and the fish is caught per order!

For entrees, my favorites were the hangar steak with soy sauce, red onion served with crispy fries and jasmine rice that was so tender, it literally melted in our mouths!  I was also mad for the yucca fries with a creamy green sauce.  For dessert, the bread pudding of toffee and almonds with pear ice cream is the way to go.  But ask for your ice cream on the side as it melts quickly on the warm tart.  Because everything is so yummy, I would recommend having Sunday Supper at Raymi at least twice a month, so you can mix up all the combos.  I can’t wait to go back!

Check out the full Sunday Supper menu.


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