TGATP at the Elizabeth Taylor Christies Auction

The Eliabeth Taylor Diamond - The Only Ring You Could Ask Me to Marry You With!


“The More The Better Has Always Been My Motto!”
– Elizabeth Taylor

Diamonds, Pearls, Emeralds, and Rubies, OH MY!  Last Friday, I was very blessed to be given the VIP treatment by the kind folks at Christies and offered a private tour of the items up for auction from the Elizabeth Taylor estate.  The pieces are nothing short of breathtaking!  So beautiful was the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond gifted to her by great Love, Richard Burton that I almost fainted under its brilliance.  I was hipped to some interesting facts about Elizabeth, who because of my Mom introducing me to her films when I was a child, became so much a part of my Life that she was like an Auntie.

Made For A Queen!

I admired Elizabeth for her sass and overt sexiness.  According to a friend who knew her during her John Warner years, she loved a bawdy joke and was so down-to-earth that they once shared KFC on her lawn!  A year before she passed, I was tweeting my happiness over the overturning of Prop 8, when I suddenly received a tweet back from @Dame Elizabeth.  She was just an all around awesome and great Lady!  Her passing left both me and my Mom feeling like we had lost a dear friend.  Little did we know that my beloved Mom would join her less than 12 days later.  I hope the two have finally met in the beautiful land of the Source.  I hope they have bonded over their mutual Love of movies and a good dirty joke.

I learned a couple cool new things about Elizabeth at the exhibit.  First, she never stopped having designer clothes made for her even when she became wheelchair bound.  Secondly, some of her most beautiful pieces of jewelry came from her dear friend Michael Jackson.  And finally, she wore her tunic dresses scandalously short!  To celebrate becoming a Grandmother for the first time, she donned a super short hot pants set!  Elizabeth was the original “that girl at the party”!

Elizabeth's Scandalously Short Dresses!

Definitely make sure you stop in to see this exhibit while you can.  And any Man worth his relationship salt should be bidding on a piece from this collection for his own Lady Love.   The online auction started at just $150.  So Gentleman, you have zero excuses!.  Get bidding!  Since the money is going to AIDS Research, you win big on the home front while giving to a very worthy cause.


That Girl At the Party

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