Three Must-Have Handbag Accessories For The Glamorous Woman

My handbag was like a black hole with keys, phone, and other necessities always sinking to the bottom.  And no matter how big the bag, it is always stuffed to the hilt!  Thus, it was great to discover these handy essentials that help me stay both organized and glamorous all day.  All of these items would bring a happy smile to any busy woman this holiday season!

A Purse Organizer with a Jewelry Pocket

My bag was a hot mess till I tried one of these.  Now when I take off my rings and other jewelry for spa services, I can stuff them in one of the handy pockets ,which guarantees that all my jewelry from diamond rings, bracelets, and necklaces remain safe and sound.  The best organizers even have specially designed loops to attach your keys to.  So no more fishing around outside your door.  One of my favorites is the Pursfection Portable Purse Organizer with 23 Pockets from QVC.  But there are tons of them on the market.

Footzyrolls Luxe, the Rollable Shoe

These roll up shoes are portable and light, making them ideal for slipping into your handbag.  When your feet hurt after tripping the holiday night fantastic in those Louboutins, simply whip out these slipper like roll up shoes and experience instant comfort.  They are also handy for commuters.  You can sport your Footzyrolls while you walk to the office, then conveniently store them before changing into proper office shoes.  In addition, they are a must-have for travel!  Slip these babies on while on the plane, the train, or driving for maximum comfort.

Portable Cordless Straighteners

To ensure your hair is like a Boy Scout “always prepared”, these battery operated straighteners are a must-have.  They only take a few minutes to warm up, so you can quickly redo your hair on the fly.  On my recent trip to Mexico, I was very impressed with a sister who whipped out her flat iron and went to work on her windswept hair.  Mine was a hot mess since I was not as prepared!  My favorite cordless products have always been from Conair.  They heat up as hot as their plug-in versions and are compact enough for your handbag.

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