TGATP Remembers

Remembering Louise Hay

  Yesterday – August 30th, 2017 – the heavens opened up and the angels stood in applause as Louise Hay joined their ranks. A spiritual leader of unparalleled achievement, Louise not only…

Remembering Muhammad Ali

This year has been a particularly awful one for the loss of great people and it seems like I have been in mourning for the last six months. Today we lost another great Man – Muhammad Ali, who was the Greatest in every single way.

Remembering Jackie Collins

It was will great sadness that I learned of the passing of pulp literary giant Jackie Collins. I miss her earthly presence already!

Remembering Wayne Dyer

I am so heartbroken to have awoken to the news of the passing of beloved spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer. Sending Love and Light to the family of this wonderful man, who helped so many of us in so many ways.