Remembering Jackie Collins


In the course of my six years of owning That Girl At The Party, there have been a handful of experiences that stand out above the hundreds of others. Along with meeting and interviewing Michael Caine, the Dalai Lama, and Jane Goodall, meeting Jackie Collins was one of the greatest moments of my recent Life.

I met Jackie, two years ago, at a small NY fete at the Ace Hotel for her book “The Power Trip.” She was fun, down-to-earth and real that she made every editor feel like her new best friend. ¬†As an older editor with knowledge of films, I had a particularly great time with her as she told me stories about old Hollywood. To meet her once, was to wish you could chat with her daily. There was just ZERO pretense or bad vibe about her. I adored her before and, even more so, after meeting her. ¬†Jackie will definitely be missed.

That Girl At the Party

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