Hugo Boss Brings Cee-Lo to Summer Rooftop Party

The best evening of the summer was the Hugo Boss Summer Party held on the rooftop of the Starrett-Lehigh Building, which houses their headquarters!  In keeping with this year’s circus theme, guests were treated to carnival themed snacks from Mary Guiliani Catering and her hottie MBT waitstaff and a team of real-life circus performers including contortionists, sword swallowers, stilt walkers, hula hoopers, and fire throwers. I met one of the lovely contortionists on the way home.  She hipped me to the fact that, although many people think that sword swallowing is fake and that the sword retracts, it is actually very real and many performers die from it.  If the sword is not swallowed just right, it can actually puncture the stomach!  Yikes, talk about occupational hazards!


TGATP was front and center with Emma Snowdon-Jones for the Cee-Lo performance and he did not disappoint, bringing all his hits from “Crazy” to “F$#k You!”  I do wish that he would lose the diva vibe of demanding that audiences applaud in order for him to continue though!  It didn’t work for him at Cochcella and was equally lame and pompous in NYC.  Just perform and let people react in their own way.

The "DJ-In-Chief"

DJ Cassidy was again proved why he is the “DJ-In-Chief” with the guests happily dancing well into the night!  I have heard Cassidy dozens of times over the TGATP party years and he NEVER disappoints seamlessly fusing the old school with the new!  His co-anchor for the night was another TGATP favorite DJ Mel DeBarge making this party one of the hottest invites of the year!

Notable attendees included:  Lance Bass, Anthony Mackie, Fern Mallis, Phillip Bloch, Coco Rocha and Hugo Boss’s chairman and C.E.O. of the Americas, Mark Brashear (and of course, TGATP!)

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