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Get Shady This Christmas!

Like Anna Wintour, I live in sunglasses and sport them 12-7. So natch, I think they make the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list. Check out these hot shade trends from out favorite celebrities with a little TGATP celebrity dish attached in our new monthly series, sponsored by the Sunglasses Shop UK!

Sucka Punch Bites

Sucka Punch is definitely the worst movie so far this year! Not an OCO film, this is what I dub a “starving people could’ve been fed with this budget” film! In other words, money was severely wasted! With a jumbled mess of a plot that seemed to take us into the Director’s acid fueled, wet dream, this movie is a definite miss!

What’s wrong with this picture?

Vanity Fair is, and always has been, my very favorite magazine.  But it is totally unacceptable that in this era of Obama (and in Black History Month, for Christsakes!) the magazine would…