Top 80s Hair Trends We’d Love to See a Comeback

The fashion world has always been revisionist. For example, neon from the eighties is all the rage right now. Though we’ve seen a lot of 80’s influences in current clothing, we rarely see the eclectic influences of the period in current hair trends. However, with natural hair and Afros back, we just might start to see the 80s creeping into today’s mainstream hairstyles.

The Mullet, Jheri curls, and puffed-up styles in their 80s forms, will all remain looks of the past. But you can modernize them. Use Protective Styles products and you’ll be sure to garner authentic 80s looks, combined with the latest, on-trend hair-dos of today.

Is it possible for 80s hair trends to make a comeback?

The fashion world has always been revisionist. Though we’ve seen a lot of influences on how our current clothing has evolved, we rarely have seen the eclectic influences on how our hair is done these days. For example, neon from the eighties is all the rage right now. And with natural hair and Afros back, we might also see the 80s starting to roll back into mainstream hairstyles.

The eighties in hair were also known for hyped-up rockstar, permed, and voluminous looks. But in 2019, we still see a whole lot of small influences from some of the glamorous styles we saw during the 80s.

Some 80s hair trends we’d love to see again

During the 1980s, there were classic women’s hairstyles that made a mark in the Hollywood scene. These types of hairstyles are worthy of renewal in today’s fashion world. Some of the most remarkable women’s haircut we’d like to see again include:

  • Voluminous stresses and slight curls. Hairstyles with loads of volume and body always make a woman stand out. Akin to the hair donned by Brook Shields, we’d love to see women have that same glamour and sultry look.
  • The prepped up glamorous hair. The high-impact look made appropriately for a gala event always captures everyone’s attention because of its proper and elegant styling. Although this would be great for special occasions, women can also wear this style every day. Style your hair with Kim Basinger in one of her 80’s films in mind, and you will get a head-turning look.
  • Fluffy hairstyles. When you think of the 80s, you instantly image those big hair updos that almost felt like they were hiding nests. Donning a fluffy hair updo does not have to be as tall or over the top as the 80s. A soft and natural-looking curl would do. Protective Styles by Taliah Waajiid has got you covered with a line of naturally derived botanicals to keep your hair smooth and shiny from roots to the tip.
  • The 80s curls. We can’t leave the 80s without the curls most African women donned. Similar to the volumes of Whitney Houston, we’d love women to sport that authentic 80s look once again. Protective Styles can enhance these natural curls without appearing messy and unkempt.

Get a modernized 80s style with the glamour and feel of today

Donning 80s hairstyles does not mean conforming with the crazy OTT looks of the old days. Mix those looks with more toned down 2019 looks for fun new styles. Women today do not have to resort to tons of harsh chemically-laden shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Instead, use trusted natural brands proven and tested by top celebrities and endorsers from diverse cultures around the world.


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