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I’m always nervous about any do-it-yourself treatments for the hair after losing the whole back of my head to home perms as a child.  This was so traumatizing that I have always been loathe to attempt anything else.  However, I recently overcame my fear and tried out the RDK At-Home Cocolada Keratin Treatment and it is simply sensational!  My hair is fine but curly, a mix that is very hard to work with!  Too thin to wear natural as the curls just hang limp, but too soft to relax too stringently, I have been a slave to extensions for years.

But this awesome treatment has changed all that as it soften the curl leaving my hair silky, shiny, and bouncy.  RDK works like all keratin treatments coating dry, damaged hair with keratin proteins.  The difference is it’s all natural and formaldehyde-free consisting of just Keratin, Coconut Oil, and t-50 Vitamin E Oil.  Offering an affordable alternative to salon prices and harsh chemicals, RDK allows for professional results at home.  Gentle and temporary, the treatment washes out after 30 days.

While I will still sport some pin in extensions for the glamor and fun of it, I am thrilled to see my own hair look its healthy best.

T3 Mane Tamer


Below find some tips to apply and maintain your RDK treatment:

Pick a day when you are not going to physically exert yourself to apply your treatment.  You cannot sweat or get the hair wet for 24 hours after application.  So if it’s summer, crank up that air conditioner!

Use the shampoo that comes with the kit and avoid the instinct to condition.   I am so used to a conditioning shampoo that my hair felt strangely hard after using the clarifying shampoo.  But is is important to follow the directions since conditioner will interact badly with the treatment.

Part the hair into very tiny sections when applying the treatment to ensure that you properly coat all of your hair .

Make sure you have a top of the line blow dryer and flat iron as heat is key to sealing in the treatment. Your flat iron has to get to 450 degrees, so I recommend the T3 Mane Tamer for longer hair or the T3 Single Pass for short-to-mid length. Although my hair is now short, I made due with the the Mane Tamer since the Single pass was not available for review when I posted.  (Look for a TGATP review of both of these flat irons in a later post.)

Check all of your favorite products for “sodium chloride” which will reverse your treatment.  While it is best to only use the after care products especially designed for use with keratin treatments, some of your existing arsenal, such as TGATP favorites Intelligent Nutrients Harmonics, Moroccanoil, and Mizani Shine Spray can still be used.  And fortunately, with the growing popularity of keratin treatments, there are tons of other compatible products to choose from.


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