Eyelash Extension: A Simple and Exciting Skill to Add to Your List as a Beauty Pro for 2020

If you are a beauty professional, then you’re probably used to staying on top of the latest technologies, treatments and techniques, and choosing which ones to add to your professional skill set. Gaining new training and growing the services you can offer,  makes you a much more employable prospect. It also means that if you run your own beauty business, you can continually expand your offerings and grow your client base. If you’re looking for a new skill that is on-trend with customers, that you can learn pretty easily – without too heavy an initial outlay – then you should definitely consider eyelash extensions.

Why Eyelash Extensions Are a Hot Beauty Skill Right Now

Eyelashes have always been one of the things most women like to enhance. Mascara is the number one make-up item most of us wear even when going natural. False eyelashes, however, are a notoriously annoying thing to wear, making the eyes feel strange and also being prone to dropping off far earlier than one would like!

For decades, false eyelashes have been pretty much a beauty choice reserved for special occasions.  But in the last ten years or so, semi-permanent eyelash extensions have offered an alternative that is suitable for everyday wear. Eyelash extensions, where small pieces or even individual lashes are carefully bonded to the real lashes, are vastly more comfortable, last for days, and can be used to create looks that range from natural enhancement to full-on glamor, or bold party looks. They are only likely to grow in popularity, and so if you’re looking for something that will appeal to your clients, you should consider doing an eyelash training course now ready for the new year.

How to Get Started

If you are going to become a lash extension provider, then the first things you’ll need are eyelash extension supplies and an eyelash extension course. If you would prefer to do online eyelash training, then a great option is to visit: thelashprofessional.com. They offer a one-day training course that you can complete online, and are also a fantastic place to kit yourself out with the supplies you need to practice and then ultimately provide your eyelash extension service.

A Fun New Service!

Eyelash extension work can be really fun and satisfying, and you’ll soon come to love creating gorgeous new looks for people with different eyelash styles. It can be a great complementary service if you mainly work as a make-up artist, and can also be ideal to package with things like brow shaping, allowing you to create a whole new look for the eyes in a single session with a customer.

Why not take a look at what is on offer and consider getting started as a professional eyelash extension artist ready for the new year?

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