The HTC Pure – My New Office on the Go


As every true TGATP gal is juggling her career, multiple philanthropic endeavors, and a busy socialite schedule, I highly recommend you check out the HTC Pure™ to help you don those multiple hats.  A 3G smartphone phenomena, it has so many features that after ten days of playing with it, I am still finding new uses for it!  Elegantly sleek and conveniently lightweight, it has a beautiful (and large!) sharp touch screen with a built-in sensor that intuitively changes the view based on the position of the phone. Handily, Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 enabled the HTC Pure™ covers all my office needs through the inclusion of a myriad of pre-loaded applications, including Windows Office Mobile (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Facebook, You Tube, and Windows Internet Explorer Mobile.  There is even an FM Radio (which is so cool as sometimes you just wanna hear some good talk radio on the go) and a GPS Navigator to keep you headed in the right direction!  Designed for multi-tasking, this little beauty allows you to be on a conference call while simultaneously sending and receiving e-mails and navigating the web.  I can also conveniently access numerous e-mail accounts ensuring that I need never miss an important meeting, rally, cocktail party, or hot store sale again!  (If it could run errands, this phone would completely eliminate the need for an assistant!) A handy stylus makes texting from the keypad a breeze and you can even check your stocks and the weather on the go.  Contacts can be linked to your Facebook and are indexed based on the form of communication that transpired whether a text or a call.  Media needs are met through an awesome 5.0 mega pixel camera/camcorder, a streaming media player, voice recorder, a music player, and a ton of games!  Best of all, in these tight economic times; the phone is affordable, retailing for a mere $149.99 with activation and a two-year AT&T contract.

There are just three slight improvements that I would love to see in the next generation of the HTC smartphones.  First, the touch screen does not always respond and I sometimes have to push on it harder or keep scrolling on it more that I would like.  Secondly, it is sometimes a bit slow in connecting both my calls and the Internet.  And finally, my battery seems to need charging more than my previous phone.  However, these are very minor issues as my new HTC office away from home, does everything but blow my hair out, burn fat, and clean the house!

All in all, I am very impressed with the HTC smart phone innovations.  I am very much looking forward to testing the next generation, set to roll out on November 11, the HTC HD2, which is purportedly even faster with a stunning 4.3”screen and a cinematic feature!

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