The Bronze Buffer For When Self-Tanning Goes Horribly Wrong



I live for self-tanning because by this time of year, my complexion has taken on a weird sallow color from months of sun deficiency! But while I have been using self-tanners for years, sometimes I still get application mishaps, like dark spots and streaks and need a quick fix. I once self-tanned then walked outside and was mortified to see that I was covered in wide bands of orangey stripes!hank God, for this ingenious new product!

A soft, cushiony sponge with no added ingredients or chemicals, The Bronze Buffer is the only way to refine botched results AFTER color has developed. With just a little water, Bronze Buffer’s gentle exfoliation instantly removes unwanted self-tanner on the uppermost layers of skin. Use it on specific trouble spots like elbows and knees or all over to tone down a too-dark tan, and the “points” are ideal for small areas like between the fingers and toes. Think of it as faux tan insurance!

The Bronze Buffer:

  • Eliminates streaks
  • Cleans stained palms
  • Removes buildup on knees and ankles
  • Gets between fingers and toes
  • Use before self-/spray tanning to eliminate spotty “old” color
  • Removes deodorant from clothing when used dry

Keep one in your beauty first-aid kit at all times!

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