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My shero and TGATP gal of the week is Rhianna for displaying the courage to speak out about what happened to her.  When the incident first occurred, I was furious with her for not being stronger and dropping that fool Chris Brown right away.  I was very concerned about the message her staying was sending to young girls, like my niece,who adore her.  I mistakenly felt she was not thinking about her responsibility to them.  But I realized that I was being far too judgmental as this was a very young girl who was very much in Love and very much in pain.  Flash forward to the present, when I am so proud of her and feel such a Love for this little sista,!  She has displayed such a grace and you can palpably see her growth as a Woman.  The things she said in her GMA interview were just so spot on.  I was especially impressed when she said that she was very concerned that another girl might take her inaction as a justification for staying in an abusive situation and lose her Life.  I wish Rhianna all of the best and hope that the next man lucky enough to be with her has the good sense to recognize what a jewel he has!  And I hope that my friend, who is much older than Rhianna, and allowing herself to be used and abused by her loser of a man (or should I say “boy”) will see Rhianna’s courage and get some sense in her fool head!  My dearest, you know who you are.  Please get some damn sense soon!

Wanted to jump through the TV at that dumbass blowhard Rush Limbaugh calling Obama a “man-child” on Fox Sunday Morning!    It was the racist equivalent of calling him a “boy”!  And that there was not more public outrage from other news pundits and the pubic at large speaks volumes!

Having spent a ridiculous $100 million dollars and undemocratically going against the voters by overturning term limits, Bloomberg has bought himself what may  amount to four years of lame duckery!  The numbers point to many people feeling as I do, as Bloomberg outspent Thompson 10 to 1 and only won by a narrow 5-point margin.  Dorothy Parker once said that you can tell what God thinks about money by the type of people he gives it to!   With turmoil rampant and people in need all over the world, I am completely appalled that anyone would spend that much money buying himself a political office.  Any genuinely actualized person would’ve spent that money on helping people instead of a delusional ego stroke.  If he could actually create jobs and affordable housing, why didn’t he so in the first 8 years!  Imagine how much $100 million would’ve done for the people of NYC who are struggling, out of work and losing their homes.  A fund could’ve been set up to send workers back to school, finance small businesses, provide health clinics, or any number of things that we, as New Yorkers, need than four more years of his rule.  The only way for Bloomberg to redeem himself in my eyes is to donate dollar for dollar the amount he spent re-crowning himself King of New York to causes that will actually help NY.

The shootings at Fort Hood had me balling my eyes out!  What a horrible thing!  I am totally in awe of the amazing Sgt. Kim Mundley and her colleague Sgt. Mark Todd, who showed such amazing courage in the face of this crisis.  I am also very concerned that people may display anti-Muslim sentiments.  But I urge everyone to remember that there are psychos and sick people from every race, gender, and religious background.  We’ve had scores of shooters and only one, that we know of, was Muslim.

I do not in any way understand how any person with any good sense or the least bit of compassion for their fellow man could be against the health care reform bill.  We simply have to have health care for all American citizens.  I recently lost my health insurance, so I can honestly say that there is nothing scarier than being uninsured. I have a sinus infection right now that I have no primary doctor to see about it.  Thus without insurance I am going to be forced to go to an emergency room.  These visits, from millions of us without insurance, drive up health care costs and waste emergency room resources, which would better be saved for actual emergencies.  This simply is not acceptable and cannot continue.  All those idiot fearmongers, including the Republican senators and representatives that have health care, have no right to continue to deny health care access to the one in five Americans, like me,  without it.  I find it morally repugnant that the same senators and representatives that are parading before the cameras and speaking out against health care reform all have the best health care that the country, and for that matter, the world has to offer!  Why don’t they try living without insurance for a year and see how they get on.  The same people who are yelling that the plan is “socialist” do not see how their opposition is straight up leaning towards aristocracy.  It just cannot be justified and smacks of a “let ‘em eat cake attitude” that is blatantly anti-democratic!  Not having health care impedes the ability to realize our inalienable right to the pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness.  Who can have any of those things if they are sick and unable to get health care???  And the 39 Democrats that didn’t vote for the bill plus the 9 that couldn’t even be able to show up need to be ousted in the next election!

Message to Michael Lohan:  Rethink your strategy!  Your message became diluted by the release of Lindsay’s very personal tape-recorded messages.  If anything this has just driven her further away at a time when you needed to be getting closer.  And if you actually owe child support, pay up.  Being labeled a deadbeat, if true,  lessens your credibility.

And what is going on with the Williams sisters?!  I met Venus at the USTA Player’s party during the US Open and she was anything bit nice and for the past few months there has been nothing but bad news about their perceived arrogance.  They were once such lovely and nice gals.  What happened?

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