TGATP Must-Have Dental Products: Sonicare AirFloss and Glo Brillant Whitening


Keeping your teeth healthy and clean is essential to your health and well-being.  Your heart, digestive and respiratory systems, as well as, other vital parts of your body all depend on healthy teeth and gums to function.  We all know that we should brush after eating, floss, and visit the dentist twice a year.  But if you are like me, you hate flossing and you sometimes miss those visits.  In addition, teeth whitening is upwards of $199 per session, which can be cost prohibitive to budget conscious people.  Thus, I am excited to tell you about two new must have, at-home dental aids that will give you sparkling and strong choppers for very little costs per use.  I am completely and utterly addicted to these products, which are two of my favorites of the year!

Sonicare AirFloss (pictured above) – I have always hated flossing and my gums have suffered for it over the years.  Every time I am at the dentist I get the same lecture about the importance of flossing properly.  But the hassle of dragging waxy string in and out of tooth crevices is such a time consuming nuisance that I often simply try to brush harder and skip the floss step altogether.  Alternatively, I do it real fast to get it over with.  Thus, I sang “Hallelulah!” when I was gifted with an AirFloss at a recent Sonicare event!  Since there are zillions of other people, who hate flossing as much as TGATP does, this product will revolutionize the whole dental industry.  You simply fill a small dish on the unit with water (I like distilled) or mouthwash (I like Tom’s Alcohol Free Spearmint).  Then press it and a microshot of targeted liquid shoots out and clears the food from between your teeth.  In 60 seconds, you are done!  Bravo Sonicare, you’ve got me doing what no dentist could – flossing regularly!  My teeth have NEVER felt cleaner and I actually look forward to flossing now.


Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening System  –  There is simply nothing like being able to get salon quality teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home.  The unit is compact – the size of a I-Pod Nano – and simple – simply charge, hook in the mouth piece, and go!  The initial outlay may seem expensive but it is actually the cost of just two salon whitenings for a lifetime of whitening.  And the refill is just $45 for a three-month supply (mine actually lasts a bit longer).  Glo teeth whitening is now a once a monthly ritual in the TGTAP household.

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