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Most years, I meticulously plan my Black Friday shopping with a list of everything I plan to buy and all the promo codes typed out.  But this year, since I had pretty much done all my holiday shopping, I only made one stop and that was Target. With over 500 items on sale, there were tons of bargains on those last minute items I needed like gift wrapping paper and tape.  And, as an added bonus, no fights broke out like those posted on YouTube at other retailers.  I was met with tons of happy shoppers and a great staff, who even helped me take pics when my camera died.  Here’s some of the stuff I recommend:



1.  Gift Wrapping – I love love love to gift wrap.  In fact, when I was younger, my family would give me all their stuff to wrap.  I dream of one day having a designated gif(use it to buy a couple iTunes App Store Gift Cards, if this is a gift.)t wrapping room in the house, like Candy Spelling, full of paper, ribbons, bows, and other fun things to create memorable packages!  So I headed straight for this section of the store, and found tons of really cute patterns for ridiculous prices.   90 sq ft of Santa hat paper with handy gridlines on back was just $2.50 and a bag of 30 bows just $1.00!  And Paper Magic has the most adorable gift tags ever made.  Snap those up for just $1.30 to $4.00! Paper Magic Gift Tags




2. iPad Air – The iPad is my favorite invention EVER!  I use mine for EVERYTHING.  With a Logitech keyboard attached, it serves as my second computer.  From teaching me languages (Duolingo) to training my brain (Luminosity) to tracking my sleep (Sleep Tracker) to keeping my to-do list (Wunderlist) to storing my extensive library (Kindle) to teaching me to DJ (Traktor DJ) to teaching me new recipes (How To Cook Everything) to providing my music (Pandora) and (iHeart), I have dozens of apps that I depend on to both run my Life and entertain me.  Right now, my beloved iPad is playing some great Christmas music on Pandora (search “she and him holiday” and you get a playlist of great alternative and modern Christmas songs!).  Anyway, every house needs one as no tablet comes even close.  My opinion go for the Wi-Fi and get as many GB as possible as you have a choice of thousands upon thousands of apps and will almost always be somewhere with Wi-Fi or can connect to your phone.  Target is running a crazy sale on all iPads with a gift of a $100 Target Gift Card  with purchase. (use it to buy a couple iTunes App Store Gift Cards, if this is a gift).

iPad Air 128

3. The Disney Princess Ultimate 7 Pack Doll Set(see me with it above) – If there is any little girl in your Life, this is the ultimate present!  All of the Disney Princesses (except the new heroines of Frozen) in a box set!  For boys, go with the Marvel Universe Titan Hero Series Super Hero Collection.


4.  Nikon L320 – Just $99 for a 16mp camera with a 25x zoom!  Crazy, don’t even need this and I want one.

Nikon L320



5. Samsung TVs – 397.99 for a 40″, $597.99 for a 50″ and $697.99 for a 55″, with prices this good, you can almost buy a TV every Black Friday!


Samsung TV




6.  Christmas CDs – I buy a few of these every year and now have quite a collection.  From Elvis to Mary J Blige to Luther Vandross to Sinatra, you can’t go wrong with any of these.  This year, I scored the Mad Men Holiday CD, Barbra Streisand’s Christmas Album, and this awesome compilation called This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Vol. 1!  From $5.99 to $11.99.

This Warm December


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