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#MyKindOf Holiday At Target On Black Friday!

Most years, I meticulously plan my Black Friday shopping with a list of everything I plan to buy and all the promo codes typed out. But this year, since I had pretty much done all my holiday shopping, I only made one stop and that was Target. With over 500 items on sale, there were tons of bargains on those last minute items I needed like gift wrapping paper and tape. And, as an added bonus, no fights broke out like those posted on YouTube at other retailers. I was met with tons of happy shoppers and a great staff, who even helped me take a pic when my camera died. Check out these great deals!

25 2016 Black Friday Deals You Can’t Miss

It’s one day away, the Super Bowl of Shopping, that time where consumers eyes glaze over as they are totally taken over by bright shiny objects. For the best shopping experience, plan ahead, have a definite budget and idea of what you want and check your cell for promo codes for added savings.