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There have been a lot of tequila parties recently (hey, you won’t hear me complaining!), but until Thursday’s Tanteo party I had yet to experience tequila combined with my favorite food group: chocolate!  Held at Milk Studio‘s gorgeous 8th floor loft space, the Tanteo party was not a launch event but rather a celebration of the top three rising star Mexican-inspired artists in NYC. Michael Pribich, Martha Clippinger and Doraelia Ruiz won an art contest sponsored by Tanteo and displayed their winning art at the party, but the real star of the night was the tequila. Tanteo Tequila is an ultra-premium collection of blanco tequilas each hand-infused with the flavors of Mexico — Jalapeño, Chocolate and Tropical. And of course, Tanteo is 100% pure agave.

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The creative and delicious cocktails were developed by Speakeasy Cocktail Consultants , and the passed Mexican hors d’oeuvres were made on site by La Esquina (literally, there was a kitchen at one end of the studio with busy chefs preparing the food).  I of course opted for the “Chocolate Fresalito” cocktail: Tanteo chocolate tequila, strawberry puree, fresh basil, fresh pressed lime juice and light agave nectar. Yum!

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, CEO and founder of Tanteo Tequila, provided guests with a tastings of all three Tanteo flavors, straight. My friend preferred the jalapeño flavor with its vegetal character and subtle hints of spiciness.The tropical flavor, which subtly combines jalapeño with mango, pineapple, passion fruit and guanabana, is the smoothest of the three, making it an excellent starter tequila for those who would like to graduate from margaritas to straight sips.

At the end of the night guests were treated to great swag: Tanteo canvas bags, t-shirts, a Tanteo flash drive, and three mini bottles of each flavor. Any party that provides mini bottles of liquor is an A+ in my book!

Tanteo tequilas run about $45 per bottle and can be found at Ambassador Wines and Spirits on Second Avenue in Midtown, at SoHo Wines and Spirits on West Broadway, and at Philippe Wine and Liquor in Chelsea.

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