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TGATP totally supports the mission of the Nightlife Preservation Community organization in restoring New York City to its former glory as “the City that never sleeps.”  Right now the Big Apple could better be dubbed “the City on snooze!”



Mayor Bloomberg keeps going on and on about restoring this City’s economy but has missed the obvious way!  We need to restore NYC to a 24-7 city!  When I first moved here I could do my wash at 24-hour laundry mats, shop for clothing, CDs and other goods until 2am, and find tons of restaurants open all night.  You could need anything and find it.  In addition, the trains ran properly so you could travel quickly.  Now, like LA, you need a car.  Two nights ago, it took me TWO HOURS to make what is usually a 30-minute trip which totally killed my party buzz!.  NYC in 2009 resembles suburbia without the benefit of a lawn chair a pool, and a grill!  More hours to shop, eat, and have services would equal tons of new jobs and boost revenue significantly!  In fact, every struggling major city needs to consider going 24 hours!




The party itself was absolutely slamming!  Hosted by Chloe Sevigny the party had everything you could want from dinner to a full open bar to eleven DJs including Q-tip, Junior Vasquez, Louie Vega The Misshapes and Chloe’s bro, Paul Sevigny.  I literally danced all night, as did the rest of the crowd.  I certainly hope they have more events soon!  Check out their website for upcoming events and rallies supporting their cause at:







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