Samsung Galaxy S8 Is The Phone To Beat


A long time, super fan of  Samsung, my enthusiasm for their phones has waned in the last couple of years. Between having to jump through unnecessary hoops to demo phones through their latest PR firm and the exploding phone debacle with the Note 7, I was considering going with an iPhone. But that was before, last week’s launch of the Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8+! I was impressed enough to stick with Samsung and am going with the Galaxy S8+.

Below I have picked the six things, listed in order of priority, that I care about when I shop for a phone:

  1. Battery Life – With two businesses up and running and a Foundation to launch, my phone serves as my office on-the-go. So battery life is the most important feature for me. The company that figures how to deliver maximum capability with minimum battery usage is going to win the phone sales race! My current Samsung, the Note 5, runs out of juice about 2/3 of the way through the day. So I am excited that the S8 is promising up to 26.7 hrs of talk time.
  2. The Camera – Since I take so many pictures for That Girl At The Party and my social media on my phones, the quality of the camera is always one of the most important factor in determining which phone to go.  Fortunately, phone cameras keep getting better and better and Samsung really upped the ante. The S8 has a 12mp rear facing camera with dual-pixel technology and an 8mp front facing camera for the best selfies ever! (I do wish someone would create a front facing flash though.)
  3. Expandable Memory – Thank God that Samsung brought back the ability to expand memory! I love my Note 5. But the one thing that is mega annoying is having no way to expand my memory. I was unable to jump to a Note 7, so am very happy to be able to add an SD card to this one.

  4. Screen Size – The Samsung Galaxy S8 has the largest screen of any phone on the market with the world’s first Infinity Screen, which gives the most amount of screen for the least amount of space. It’s a 5.8” dual-curved QHD Super AMOLED display that stretches from edge to edge!
  5. Water and Dust Resistance – While I am pretty careful with my phones, it is reassuring to know that if I do drop my phone into water it is not going to be a long drawn out drying process with rice involved.
  6. Face, Iris and Fingerprint Scanning – Security is increasingly a problem, so these new security features are truly awesome. I once had my phone stolen and it was a drag. At least, now the devices are basically useless to thieves if stolen.

Apple is set to release the iPhone 8 this year. It will be interesting to see if it can beat this awesome phone. And hopefully, Samsung has really tested these batteries this time.

That Girl At the Party

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