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Samsung Galaxy S8 Is The Phone To Beat

Bad PR and exploding phones almost had me ditching my beloved Samsung phones for my first iPhone. But that was before, last week’s launch of the Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8+! I was impressed enough to stick with Samsung and, unless something amazing, like a frontal camera flash, is included on the iPhone 8, I am going with a Galaxy S8+.

Samsung Hosts Mini-Internship Program at Samsung 837

Last Wednesday, I was invited to attend a wonderful lunch at the Samsung 837 store. Part of the Samsung Mini-Internship Program, the session included an interview with the enigmatic chef David Bourke. Read on for details on the program which is running every Wednesday from 12:00 to 2:30pm at Samsung 837.

Samsung Announces New Smartphones and Samsung Pay

I was once an avid Samsung supporter. But then LG lured me away with their G3 and G4 series, which have superior features to the Samsung offerings that were launched at the same time . But I am very excited about the new Samsung smartphones, particularly the Note 5. If it’s really as hot as it seems, I may return to the Samsung brand after a 2-year absence. (Level 0)