Puss In Boots is Riotous Fun for the Whole Family!

A Paramount release of a DreamWorks Animation presentation. Produced by Joe M. Aguilar, Latifa Ouaou. Executive producers, Andrew Adamson, Guillermo del Toro, Michelle Raimo Kouyate. Co-executive producer, John H. Williams. Directed by Chris Miller. Screenplay, Tom Wheeler; story, Brian Lynch, Will Davies, Wheeler.


Puss in Boots – Antonio Banderas
Kitty Softpaws – Salma Hayek
Humpty Alexander Dumpty – Zach Galifianakis
Jack – Billy Bob Thornton
Jill – Amy Sedaris

Puss in Boots is so much fun that it makes my 2011 Top Ten list!  It is one of those rare movies that is perfect as both a family film and a date night flick.  The 3D animation will appeal to the wee ones while the grown-up humor will add to that delight for adult audiences.  The story is set years before Puss meets Shrek and tells the saga of how an ordinary cat became Puss in Boots.  We learn about his relationships with Humpty Alexander Dumpty, the outlaws Jack and Jill, and his lady-love Kitty Softpaws.  Antonio Banderas is pitch perfect as the swarthy cat, who is part Latin lover, part outlaw, part flamenco dancer, a catnip toker and one helluva a beam chaser!  Banderas was positively born to play Puss in Boots!  Salma Hayek as the sexy but tough as nails, Kitty Softpaws and Zach Galifianakis round out the outstanding cast.  The script Tom Wheeler from a story Wheeler, Brian Lynch, and Will Davies plays like a fairy tale populated, comedic Spagetti Western with sneaky LYAO shouts out to weed tokin’, dance offs, and Lucha Libre.  And the writers definitely know cats as there were some in jokes, like that awful howling cats do for no apparent reason, that only us cat lovers know about!  Chris Miller directs the film with such nonstop action that it is like you dropped some acid and got thrust up in an animated tornado with some twisted fairy tale characters.  From start to finish, the film is off and running!  We laughed our asses off the entire movie and I love this as much as Shrek, if not betterI already want to see Puss in Boots again and will definitely be adding this to my Blu-ray library!

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