TGATP’s Take On for August 22, 2011

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This last couple of weeks brought some very disturbing news for the US Economy with the downgrade, the cancellation of Kate Gosselin, more racist barbs against the President from far right-wing leaning Fox News, Maury-Style Baby Daddy drama for Salma Hayek’s billionaire hubby, and misquided Black folks rally against “The Help.”  Then, of course, there was Kim’s wedding!

Kim Kardashian Weds (OMG) – I love Kim having met and shot her at events a few times over the years.  The couple times I met her she was a gracious sweetheart and is positively Elizabeth Taylor-like in her beauty.   She’s definitely the hottest of the sisters.  While I don’t find the hubby that attractive, I hope he will make her happy.

The US loses its AAA Rating Due to Congressional Tomfoolery  ( – This is an alarming and scary situation and I am not sure what this will mean for the average citizen!  But the same thing happened to Japan back in and they snapped back.  As I have always had to create my own living no matter who is President or what the economy is doing, these sort of things rarely affect me.  But I hope that this will not hurt too many working folks.  No one can afford any more financial hardship. I also hope that the citizens of America will wake up!   Because as  Yahoo Finance Editor Daniel Gross stated, ” it’s difficult to escape the conclusion that America’s credit rating was intentionally sabotaged by Congressional Republicans.”  It well past time that we stop allowing these shenanigans by extremists in the Republican Party and it is also well past time that we allow Obama to continue to kowtow to their demands!  It is his weakness coupled with their duplicity that created this situation.  WAKE UP!

Is Obama Too Good For Us (the Daily Beast) – No, not “us“.  But he is too good for the racist hate-mongering, let ’em eat cake extremists that seem to have him by the balls!

Linda Evangelista demands $46,000 a month from her Baby Daddy ( – When will these billionaires start wearing condoms instead of producing spawn with women they have no intention of staying with?    for a few nights or risk paying up for Life.  And what a drag for poor Salma Hayek to be caught in a Maury-style Baby Mama drama!

TLC finally cans Kate Gosselin (OMG)  – Poor Kate!  Dropping eight babies to become famous then having the TV plug  pulled must really suck.  Maybe she and the Octomom can do a show called “Kate and Natalie Plus 16.”

And speaking of folks having too many kids, Kevin Federline formerly Mr. Spears, just had another baby drop with his latest fling (OMG).  I mean, honestly people!  Kids are EXPENSIVE.  Stop having kids that your Z-list celebrity status is never gonna be able to put through college!  For Pete’s sake, hasn’t Federline or any of his women heard of birth control?  Is every woman he gets with gonna pop a kid or two?

Roseanne Barr announces Green Tea Party candidacy for President (Roseanne World) – While some may find this ridiculous, it is no more crazy than loopy Sarah Palin as a 2008 Vice Presidential candidate and possible 2012 Presidential candidate!

Racist rants against the President from Fox News (Black America Web)– Many folks are under the misguided impression that the mere electing of a Black President somehow represented the end of racism in this country.  But the veiled language and overt slurs that are constantly flung about in the media are proving that not to be the case.  How many more times are people gonna call Obama a “boy” or use phrases like “tar baby” and then claim they didn’t mean anything by it?!  Were similar phrases ever used against other Presidents? This latest incident of calling his birthday party “a hip-hop BBQ” was just indefensible!  Did we ever call any of Dubya’s soirees “hillbilly picnics?”  I am sick to death of the disrespect of our Commander-In-Chief!  In fact, I am sick to death of the continuing overt disrespect of African-Americans, in general!  The African-American unemployment rate is 60% over 5 times that of Whites.  This can’t just be an accident.  While tons of work has been done, there are still miles to go on this issue.  Racism has simply become more subtle, a mouse in the room instead of an elephant.  I am currently reading the wonderful book, “The Help” by Kathleen Stockett and while it talks about racial relations in the early ’60’s, it still resonates in today’s society.

Misquided Black Folks rally against “The Help” – And finally, speaking of “The Help” can the misquided Black folks, like actor Wendell Pierce and Tonya Pendleton (Black America Web), who came out against the book and the movie because the story was written by a White woman and directed by a White man, please shut up!  Your ignorance is just annoyingly prejudiced and short-sighted.  Would you prefer that our stories not get told at all?  Pendleton’s critique is particularly irksome as she admits to not having even read the book or seen the movie!  Why was she even allowed to post an opinion?  Is it too much to ask that entertainment writers actually read or see the books and films they review?  Honestly!

“The Help” is the most vital and important story about race relations in America since the great To Kill A Mockingbird.”  I am proud of how right Stockett gets it.  And the “Great White Hope” claims are also unfounded.  Yes, Black folks were on the frontlines and the foundation of the Movement.  But we need not forget the many White folks that were our allies.  Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner lost their lives in that car with James Chaney!  I’ve met their Moms and 47 years later they still mourn their sons, who were murdered by the Klan for trying to advance civil rights.  Instead of condemning this book and film adaptation, we should be demanding that the publishing and film industries do more to allow GOOD African-American stories, instead of stereotypical rubbish like “Precious,” to be told – by whoever wants to tell them.





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