Shiseido Cream Eye Shadows Brighten Up the Fall Season!




TGATP is mad for the new Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colors for Fall!  I am mixing and matching them every day in every fun way and getting tons of compliments on the dazzling shades.  Inspired by Shiseido Artistic Director, Dick Page‘s photography and travels around the globe, the luxurious and lightweight shadows deliver a dewy finish that lasts an amazing 16 hours!  In addition to the long wearing formula (they literally stay on all day!) – these shadows also include Super Hydro-Wrap Vitaizing DE, a Shiseido-original  that moisturizes your eyes.  I love the whipped consistency and they can be applied almost sheer for day or a little heavier for night.  These are now my favorite eye shadows and I particularly recommend the Patina color (pictured above) and the vibrant Purple Dawn and the wisp of pink Magnolia, which are neutral enough for every skin tone.

The twelve luscious shades are:   Mist (WT901)–“A soft pearly white”, Magnolia  (PK302)–“A fresh bright pink”, TechnoGold(GD803) –“A brilliant yellow gold”, Meadow(BE204)–“A warm glowing beige”, PurpleDawn(VI305)–“ An intense violet”, Leather (BR306) – “A rich, reddish brown”  Patina(GR707)–“A lustrous metallic bronze”, Moss(GR708)–“A vibrant bright green” Sable(BR709)–“A luxurious taupe”,  Tin(SV810)–“A rich silver”, and Angel(BL711)–“A deep,teal-toned blue” Caviar(BK912)–“A glossy,shimmering black”.

Check out the gallery of shades and run and go get some!



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